Solutions to receive a crate or key after you bought

If you acquired a crate or key so you can use in PUBG game but you did not obtain it, you should submit a ticket to the support channel at the following address

Do not forget to fill out the pertinent information and pick out the problem category: Others -> Purchase/Refunds


Please give them the exact info with the format below to get the faster process!

  • Title: [Missing Purchase]
  • Ticket Description Format
    • Name of the item and amount:
    • Date you buy:
    • Purchase Transaction ID (Fill it out as a text):
    • Purchase history screenshot attached (Steam ID will have to be contained such as the following format)

How to check the Transaction ID

  • Move to Steam Support > Purchases > Last Six Months of Purchases
  • Choose the failed purchase and start to review the receipt
  • Finally, copy and paste the Transaction ID

How to have that screenshot

 Purchase History

  • Go to Steam > Steam ID Click > Account Details > View Purchase History



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