Dear all PUBG game lovers,

You guys can now easily check out the latest PUBG Update #27 which is currently on PUBG: Test Server. It is scheduled to reach Live Servers in the subsequent week. Make sure that you will not miss any new contents, changes, improvements, and bug fixes added to the game via this update. You will be updated and receive an announcement from the dev team when the update is live.

So what can be expected from this update? Surely you will learn a lot of interesting contents added to PUBG game. First of all, it brings a new event called Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, together with 60 rewards accessible, a free 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CAP added to the store in the celebration of the 2-year anniversary of PUBG. Those are the outstanding changes you can check out in this update.

The Flare Gun has also experienced several big changes, along with the quality of life improvements. If you are mastering the map Vikendi, you can now check out the new MP5K SMG. For the Erangel map, the spawning rate of loot has been also bumped up. In addition, the weapon balance also went through lots of alterations, like making the M16A4 stronger, decreased aim punch, etc. Furthermore, you can even check out some bug fixes attached to this PUBG Update too.  

PUBG Update #27

New Weapon MP5K

New Weapon MP5K

The MPK5 is a fresh sub-machine gun using 9mm ammunition. Vikendi is the exclusive map that has this new weapon, it will be used as an alternative to the Vector on Vikendi.

Although the MPK5 shares similar shooting mechanics with the Vector, it still dishes out a higher per bullet damage, it has a lower general shooting rate and DPS. In addition, the MPK5 features a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, which begins at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an enlarged magazine.

Fundamental features of this new SMG:

  • High rate of shooting at 900 RPM with easy and simple to control recoil
  • Contain all attachment slots to enable for a tactical stock, various kinds of magazines, muzzles attachments, grips the laser sight, as well as scopes.
  • Base damage value of 33
  • Only added to Vikendi

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will commence early and bring more than 60 rewards to players. They can achieve rewards within the 10-week pass duration. There are improved missions added to the new pass. Players’ skills will be tested via them, and also, they can get access to a new feature that will offer tracking of missions in real-time as well as even new background music and lobby.

Get ready to enjoy and have fun with the new Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card!

  • Pass Period
    • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will last for 10 weeks from March 26 PDT to June 4 PDT.
  • Enhanced Features
    • Mission status tracking is shown live in the game for now.
    • If you want to see your current mission status, just press key P.
  • New Missions
    • Daily Missions: These missions change every day, so you need to make sure that you finish each in time. Feel free to change out up to 3 missions for each day.
    • Weekly Missions: Feel free to play 10 brand new missions each week. You can change up to 5 tasks per week for new ones. The missions that got expired will disappear from the game.
    • Beginner Missions: 10 introductory missions will be added to the game in order to let the players know many in-game features.
    • There are extra challenge missions to put your shooting skills to a test with the following weapons: Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, M16A4
    • You can achieve a weapon skin for every weapon’s mission set that you finish.
  • Rewards
    • More than 60 rewards added to this event.
    • You can obtain a brand new character face and hair items as free pass rewards.
    • New backpack skins
    • You will receive a coupon from each level of the pass, and you can use it in the coupon shop for items and random keys redemption.
  • Premium Pass and Level-up Items
    • Premium Pass: $9.99 (price can be different a bit depending on your area)
    • If you already buy the Premium Pass, you will get a free crate key for the East Erangel Police Crate.
    • Level-up Items:
      • 5 Levels $4.99, 20 Levels $17.99, 30 Level up item $24.99 (price can be different a bit depending on your area)
    • Sales Period: March 27 KST 11:00 until the live server maintenance on June 5 KST
  • Other
    • Changing language is disabled while in-game to prevent a crash related to the live mission progress function

Survival Title System Season 3

Survival Title System Season 3
Survival Title System Season 3

A huge amount of valuable feedback from the players has been collected by the development team throughout Survival Title System Beta Season 2, and the Season 3 is being released with several changes, even including making it much easier to earn points and giving more coupons to the players when they advance the titles.

The dev team will keep repeating on and enhance the item moving forward.

  • Rewards for Survival Title System Beta Season 2
    • You can check out the reward distribution for beta season 2 on March 26 PDT.
      • All rewards will be doled out to players that have obtained higher than a Novice title.
    • It should take less than a day for the rewards to be fully given out.
      • If you have not gotten the reward after the date that has been announced, make sure you will quickly make a contact to Customer Service.
    • Any players that are found to have already achieved a Survivor Title by breaking operation policies will be wiped out of the seasonal rewards, or even their accounts will be restricted.
  • Survival Title System Season 3 Schedule
    • Preseason: March 19 – March 26 PDT
    • Start Date: March 26 PDT
  • Enhanced Survival Point (SP) Balance
    • The rate has been rebalanced and you can obtain Survivor Points (SP) based on player feedback. Compared to Season 2, you will find it much easier now to increase your rank.
    • Survival Points (SP) that were achieved throughout Beta Season will undergo soft reset, which means you will not have to begin from scratch.
  • New Rewards System
    • Players will get yellow coupons from each promotion to a new title, then they can use them to unlock more items in the coupon store.
      • You can utilize the coupons together with coupons that you got from Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card.
    • Utilize the Title reward button for claiming rewards.
  • Extra Changes
    • It’s easy to view the rewards for every Title on the Season Page.
    • After one match has concluded, the stars will experience an update and they will be reflected, not instantly when you die or leave the match early.
    • Already made a change to the Survivor Title rank icons and now they are identified by Roman numerals (V, IV, III, II, I)


Weapon Balance


  • When you shoot using burst mode, the first recoil has been totally reduced.
  • Developed the range before damage fall-off happens.
    • Thanks to this, M16A4 efficiency is upgraded when you fight over long distances.
  • You can easily add Canted Sights and the Tactical Stock to the M16A4.
  • The Tactical Stick will lessen recoil recovery time, animation kick and weapon sway, while it is also enhancing ADS speed as well as hipfire accuracy.


  • Already re-chambered Vector to utilize 9mm ammo.
  • The capacity of Magazin has been grown to 19 bullets by default, and 33 with an enlarged mag (was 13/25)
  • Damage was lessened from 34 to 31 because of the above changes.


  • Already re-chambered the UMP9 for using 45ACP ammo, and it is called the UMP45 from now.
  • Already made a change to the magazine capacity. It was changed to 25 bullets by default, and 35 with an extended mag (was 30/40)
  • Already made a change to the gunshot sounds to make them more realist.

MK47 Mutant

  • Now you can add Tactical Stock to the MK47 Mutant.
  • The Tactical Stick will reduce recoil recovery time, animation kick and weapon sway, while it also upgrades ADS speed and hipfire accuracy

Attachments Balance Modification

  • SMG and Pistol attach have been merged with each other, and you can utilize them on both weapon types.
  • Bullets Loops for Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98k have been greatly merged into one item – Ammo Loops.
  • Holo Sights can now be added to pistols.
    • When attached to Pistols, the size of the sight will be decreased in order to fit more properly.

Hit Area Damage Multiplier Changes

  • Developed SR body shot damage from 110% of base damage to 150%
  • Developed SMG limb shot damage from 120% of base damage to 125%

Gameplay Balance

  • The overall aim punch (aim sway) that was applied was reduced when you got shot by a foe.
  • First aid kits will not be able to heal you immediately anymore after using the timer, and instead, they will recover your health over a 2 second period.
  • Thanks to the vehicles, now you will not soak grenade damage. Although, depending on the grenade position and trajectory, if you are hiding behind vehicles, you can still take damage.

Item Spawn Balance Modification

Erangel Loot Changes

Already developed the general item spawn rates on Erangel! Furthermore, the spawn rate of several main weapon classes was also increased. You should check them out and try all the changes as well as send your feedback to the dev team.

  • Developed the spawn rate of ARs (12%), DMRs (16%) and SMGs (14%)
  • Also increased the spawn rate of SRs and Handguns a little bit.

Because of the item alterations in this patch, together with some attachments that were combined together, it leads to a natural gap left in spawns that must be filled with other items. Due to this, the spawn rate of other items was also developed in an even way. This will also lead to a slight increase in spawns of high priority items, like ARs, meds, and so forth.

This means that the general loot for other maps has also somewhat advanced as well, even though there were not any changes made to separate item spawn ratios on other maps.

Flare Gun Balance

There has been a lot of player’s feedback on the Flare Gun, and all of them were reviewed by the team ever since its launch and they decided to create the following changes:


  • Already removed the icons and on-screen message related to Flare Guns since players did not feel that they match the style of PUBG as a realistic Battle Royale experience.
    • The Flare Gun icon was wiped out from the world map and mini-map.
    • The on-screen message showing the approaching special care packages was also removed from the game.

Sound Adjustments

  • After adding Flare Guns, there were a lot of planes flying frequently, causing so much frustration from players because of the big volume and frequency. Therefore, several changes were also created:
    • Already reset the altitude of the plane dropping Flare Gun special care packages, which is 500m now (increased from 350m).
    • Next, lowered down the audible volume of the planes.

Adjusted Loot Balance

  • Flare Gun Spawn was lessened to an average of 3 Flare Guns each game for all maps.
    • The Flare Gun will become a rare item with nice benefits, but it has a high risk.
    • The Care Package contents were also decreased from 2 sets to 1 set in squad mode, which is similar to solo/duo mode.
    • Total Flare Gun care packages accessible to be called in each game were also decreased.
      • Now, you can only call 2 sets of special care packages and 2 armored UAZ in each game, which used to be 3.

Movement Rustling Sound

  • Weapons
    • The separate rustle sounds will now play when the weapons are armed in your hands vs when they are holstered on your back.
    • Similar rustling sound will be played regardless of weapon type you are using.
    • Melee weapons and throwables do not create any rustling sounds, except for the Pistols.
  • Sound level balance
    • Rustling sounds of backpacks, costumes, and weapons are the same in both volume and audible distance.
      • Although the audible range of clothes is just like bags/weapons, seemingly, you can still hear them at a discrepant range because of the volume that was lower.
    • Audible distance, as well as the volume of the rustling sound, will alter in a dynamical way depending on the movement speed of the characters.
      • This means that if you move faster, the noise you make will be louder, and it will be heard from further away.
    • The audible range of footsteps is much higher than the rustling sound.



FACEIT Global Summit advertisements were introduced and released to Sanhok and Vikendi in the celebration of FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic in London this April

  • On Vikendi, you should search for the big billboard in Volnova
  • On Sanhok, you will be able to find several posters that are hanging up around Ha Tinh, Paradise Resort, Pai Nan and Boot Camp

Make sure you visit the official PUBG Esports website to learn more details and good information on the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic.


  • UI Overhaul of PC Settings Menu
  • The general system menu design got enhanced, which includes settings, team management screen and so forth.
  • Explanations for every option in the settings were attached.
  • The preview images for every graphical option in the settings were attached.
  • The separate teammate volume adjust was attached to the team management screen.
  • The Key Guide screen was also added to the menu, which displays the principle keys that you use in the game.

Store Improvement

  • The position of the character and weapon axis got enhanced.
    • Thanks to this, the items and character will have a more natural look when you preview them.
  • The weapon sizes were adjusted to be exactly the same in the preview, regardless of the real weapon size to enhance visibility.
  • The “View Detail” button was hidden when you view non-weapon items.

Friends List Status Improvement

  • Players who are playing in your “Friends” and “Recent” lists will be able to see the message “Playing”.
  • If you find players via the Search tab, you will see them as “Playing”.

Rich Presence Integration

  • eSports Mode is now accurately shown as Esports Mode (Esports Ready)

Crosshair UI Improvement for Canted Sight and Scopes

  • Attached a new crosshair when the Canted Sight is used for helping players easily spot which type of scope that was equipped on their gun.
Friends List Status Improvement
  • When you use the main scope, the standard crosshair will be seen, together with an X shaped crosshair when the Canted Sight is used.

Replay System

  • Already made an update to the replay version. The replays that were recorded before the Update #27 will not be able to be played anymore.
  • Already made a change to include game audio only when the movies are exported from Replay Editor.
  • Attached Highlight Replay features
    • Attached a feature enabling players to view many highlights by using key H when they observe a specific player during a replay.
    • Highlights of the chosen players are created as followed:
      • When the player slays or receives a knockdown on another player
      • When the player is completely destroyed
      • When the player gets away from the blue zone with less than 5 HP
      • When the players triumph in a chicken dinner.


  • Made an optimization to the Network Debug Statistics UI rendering logic to enhance FPS a little bit.
  • Made an optimization to replay recording logic to enhance FPS during gameplay a little bit.

Skins & Items

Skins & Items
  • You can get access to a PUBG 2nd Anniversary Cap for free now!
    • You can go to the featured and items page of the store to redeem the cap.
    • Players can approach this item from March 26 PDT on the live server.
      • Availability period: March 26 PDT – April 23 PDT prior to the live server maintenance
  • Item sales for the items as shown below will come to a conclusion on March 26 PDT:
    • Bizon Guerrilla Skin
    • Chinese Streamer Skins
    • East Erangel Police Crates
      • Already transferred to the pool of random crates

Custom Match

  • The default (preset) of the feature where the location in observing system can be saved was wiped out of the game.
    • The default location players could make a move when using Ctrl + Num button was removed.
      • The feature of saving certain location was preserved.
      • How to use: By pressing Ctrl + Num button in FreeCam view, you can easily save the location that you want.
  • The options in Custom Match were adjusted depending on the alterations of the gameplay above.
    • Combined all attachments for pistols and SMGs into one category.
    • The bullet loops were combined for Kar98K and Shotguns.
    • UMP9 was changed to UMP45.
    • The tactical stock option was also changed from M416, Vector to SMGs, ARs.
    • New weapon MP5K was added to the game.


  • Thanks to voluntary localization from players and communities, PUBG game now supports another language – Irish. Many thanks are sent from the dev team to the players for passion.
  • Irish is now available in PUBG

Bug Fixes in PUBG Update #27


  • Addressed an issue in which wrong footstep sounds were created when the player moves on steel floors.
  • Addressed an issue in which players could get stuck in a wall when they vault on the top of a certain object in a particular building on Sanhok map.


  • An issue where players could see past walls by misusing the emote mechanism was solved.
  • An issue where players could open or close the doors even though the doors blocked by a vehicle was fixed.
  • Solved a problem in which players could spot through a thin wall when they leaned against it.
  • Solved an issue in which a player got damaged by two Molotov Cocktails, the player throwing first will be accepted with the kill.
  • Solved an issue in which the smoke that emerged from a grenade explosion outlines players inside the smoke grenade.
  • An issue in which players could not lean while they were standing on a crossbow was addressed.
  • Already gave a solution to the problem where players with poor network connectivity did not take any damage when they left the vehicles that were moving.
  • Already solved a problem that could make the gun reset to single fire mode, even though the default was set to be full-auto.
  • Solved a problem in which the hands of the players move uncommonly when they turn the shooting on the Bizon.
  • Solved a problem in which the Inventory UI appears improperly when some certain attachments were added to QBZ.
  • Solved a problem in which specific objects hinder Care Packages from landing on the ground.
  • Already gave a solution to a problem where players cannot be resurrected after the game client is forcibly shut down or has crashed.
  • Solved a problem where some objects popped up in discrepant locations to other players.
  • Solved a problem causing heavy FPS to drop momentarily utilizing hotkeys to mute or changing audio channels.
  • Solved a problem where automatic mini-map zoom was not triggered whilst inside the plane or parachuting.
  • Already gave a solution to a problem that could enable players to put on items which they’d formerly traded for BP.
  • Already solved a problem where Page Up or Page Down being used while observing occasionally only cycle between two characters.
  • Already solved an issue in which gun recoil could seem to be strange when watching over a player firing in ADS.
  • Already addressed a problem in which video length sliders in the Replay Editor were not easy to see.
  • Solved a problem where the join between the neck and body of the character mode was able to be seen.
  • Solved an issue in which an untypical line can be seen appearing from the players’ head with a specific outside look in Zombie mode.
  • Solved a problem where the canted sight developed ADS speed of other scopes that were equipped.
  • Fixed a problem where equipping a specific magazine on the Beryl would show the wrong magazine model.
  • Already solved a problem where changing from the main sight to canted sight would readjust reticle brightness.
  • Already solved a problem in which certain key bindings can grow the ADS speed of Canted Sights.
  • The issue about the camera momentarily moving up and down when vaulting inside of a building was fixed.
  • The problem of a character model shaking when moving to prone was solved.
  • The problem of black bars being shown on either side of the lobby when utilizing 21:9 aspect ratio was solved.
  • An issue about players being able to drive through a window on a motorbike without smashing the glass was fixed.
  • Solved a problem in which the UI showing weapon skin status was not shown on the key guide.
  • A problem about the character model in the shop preview using the gender of your teammate was fixed.
  • An issue about mouse and keyboard input being registered in some situations while observing inadvertently was fixed.
  • A problem about the animation of chambering a round being played twice by spamming the fire key while the Kar98k being reloaded was fixed.
  • An issue about some in-game UI elements staying exposed when coming back to the lobby was fixed.
  • Addressed a problem in which a character was able to move inside a special care package under particular conditions.
  • Solved a problem in esports mode hindering players from going into the rear seats of the pickup truck on Miramar.
  • Solved an issue that could stop the replay from playing with keyframe paths when hiding the UI.
  • Solved a problem about a map marker being placed wrong after expanding the map and rapidly positioning a marker.
  • Solved a problem in which switching the sensitivity the map zoom could stop players from zooming in on the map.
  • Solved an issue where vines hanging from wire in Camp Bravo (Sanhok)
  • An issue about vines hanging from wire in Camp Bravo (Sanhok) blocking bullets was fixed.

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