You may have known that surviving in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is something that is extremely tough to complete. Even though you have the best guns with a huge amount of ammo and health, they are still not enough element to go through all enemy attacks in the game. Therefore, all of you, from newbies to pros, are highly recommended to learn four best PUBG Mobile throwables that must be carried in your backpack. If you know how to use both guns and throwables wisely, your chance of surviving is very high. Check them out now!

Excellent throwables to store in your backpack in PUBG Mobile


Grenade in PUBG Mobile

If you want to get the most powerful throwable in PUBG Mobile game, then don’t forget to choose grenades as they are extremely useful when being able to take on groups of enemies. When there is a team that is using shelter in a certain area, knocking them out is such a piece of cake to you when you can easily throw a grenade towards them. Once doing this, you can totally prepare some attacks then charge.

The grenades are also effective even if you are joining the solo mode. You can spot the area of your rivals, however, in case you cannot take a clear shot, then let the grenades help you do that. People who put up with the heavy damage due to the grenades and with the influence of its, you will outplay your rivals without using your effort.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade in PUBG Mobile

To get through an enemy attack, you can opt to use a smoke grenade as it is also a perfect throwable in PUBG Mobile game. When you join a squad mode, you can cover yourself using a smoke grenade if you are attempting to revive your comrade by rescuing you from a potential assault by the charging rivals.

It doesn’t matter when you are alone! Your movements can be hidden by the smoke grenade as you attempt to find a nicer hiding place when there are numerous opponents around your place.

Zombie Grenade

Zombie Grenade in PUBG Mobile

Unlike two other throwables mentioned above, the Zombie Grenade is known as the most recent addition in PUBG Mobile and is totally released by EvoGround in the Zombie modes. The Zombie Grenade is a perfect throwable for players to clear all zombies in just one shot.

However, every weapon has its own disadvantage, and this one is no exception. The impact is the biggest drawback of the Zombie Grenade. Once using it, it’s still a chance to cause your comrades to lose their health because of the explosion. For that reason, you should make sure that you aim towards the waves of zombies before throwing the grenade at them.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade in PUBG Mobile

Out of the best throwables in PUBG Mobile, the Stun Grenade can be chosen to be the most underrated one as it is only handy when your battle takes place in a city. But still, the Stun Grenade is also one of the most essential PUBG Mobile items that should not be ignored when it enables you to blind your enemies easily. The ones that got blinded by the stun grenade will be easily attacked by you and your team.

In spite of being chosen to be the least useful throwable among four best throwables in PUBG Mobile, Stun Grenade still has its own advantage which was released with the newest update, and that advantage is its influence on zombies. With Stun Grenade in your hands, you will not feel difficult when trying to slow down the Zombies, and surely you will have enough amount of time to revive yourself or even eliminate more of the zombies.

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