Weapon Mastery for PUBG PC, Xbox & PS4 versions still in development

PUBG developers have made a piece of important information known to every survivor, which is related to the game’s Weapon Mastery progression system. It is currently gettable for PC users. It is considered the newest weapon advancement that is provided with Update #28. At present, Weapon Mastery is only available for the PC platform. Two versions for Xbox and PS4 are being evolved. You can watch the video below to learn much more about how Weapon Mastery coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Free.

Weapon Mastery in PUBG for PC

According to the content of PUBG Weapon Mastery for PC, you will receive a lot of amazing benefits. Actually, you and other players are allowed to boost up levels of your own if you are able to collect enough Weapon XP. The XP that you gather will have to depend on the weapon that you have already controlled in the match. The Weapon Mastery will be accessible at all times. Furthermore, it will not be influenced by any seasons. A maximum of Level 100 in PUBG download for laptop will be provided for each armament.

Weapon Progression

With the existence of the cool Weapon Mastery for PUBG PC or PUBG Xbox and PS4, characters in the game can head to the lobby and test their weapon use description along with their final combat result without difficulty. It is a place where also displays the rewards that you have obtained until now.

Besides, you can search for the explanation involved in another concept which has been presented with Weapon Mastery. It is named Defeat. A player defeats someone in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Download Free by using various ways, for example,

  • Killing anyone in the Solo Playlists
  • Destroying any target in Duo or Squad Playlists
  • Eliminating the last man standing on a team in Duo or Squad Playlists

You should keep in mind that somebody does not conquer the other person by slaying a recently knocked one in Duo or Squad Playlists. Obviously, it is impossible for you and everybody in Battlegrounds PC Download to triumph over your teammates.  Not only that, a Defeat will be forced to go after the judge rules for DBNO/Kills presently used in the game.

It means that you must meet at least one of the following conditions if you expect to earn Weapon XP during an adventure:

  • Damage
  • Headshots
  • Defeats
    • Those who are from Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds official website can gain Weapon XP if they know the distance of defeats.
  • Once you achieve the number of Weapon XP that you desire, the amount got will increase, based on the time that you could survive.

You are recommended to pay attention that Weapon Mastery will not count in some cases, for instance,

  • friendly fire/team damage;
  • downs which are caused by road kills or environmental factors such as the blue zone, red zone, fall damage, or drowning; or
  • throwables or melee damage.

There will be 3 prizes that can be given to you with Weapons Mastery. They comprise charms, medals, and tier emblems.



Charms in PUBG mobile game download are accessories. You can select them to equip to your equipment. Aside from that, they become more enchanting to come with any weapon skins. When you hit every five levels per weapon, you will be granted with new charms. Items that you acquire can be unlocked or furnished utilizing the rewards page. Any charms that are armed to weapons are possible to be visible in-game. You can’t sell or trade or exchange them to get BP.



Medals in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds key free will be chosen to highlight the accomplishments that you attained with your tools. Medals can be captured multiple times.


Tier Emblems

Emblems in PUBG play online free are equivalent to the level brackets performed each weapon with a maximum of 10 tiers.

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