Why PUBG is not banned in India?

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Why PUBG is not banned in India

In fact, the Indian government has recently determined to put a stop to almost apps coming from China except for Call of Duty and PUBG games, including PUBG Mobile. We will point out the causes that they do that for Chinese games. So far, India is the region that has already blocked 59 Chinese applications because they compromised the safety and security of uses’ data and privacy of citizens throughout India.

It’s regarded as an essential move that is considered the result of the rising unrest between two countries, India and China, after a serious border clash at the Line of Actual Control also known as LAC. The dangerous confrontation affected fans of Chinese app games. Meanwhile, plenty of gamers of the multiplayer survival games have been thinking about why PUBG was not banned in India.

Together with PUBG Mobile Download, Call of Duty Mobile is not comprised in that list. That non-inclusion of PUBG really made a lot of Indian players very puzzled, who recognized that the title had a strong Chinese relationship. Amongst those 59 blocked mobile applications, there are a few popular ones consisted of apps such as TikTok, ShareIt, UC browser, and even Cam Scanner. Actually, According to trusted websites, TikTok is being accused of secretly collecting user data and sending it to China. It brings back an actual threatening action to their guests.

How to explain why PUBG is still playable in India

How to explain why PUBG is still playable in India

PUBG is not forbidden in India as it is not completely Chinese. The cool Battle Royale game is created and managed by a company called Bluehole which is originally a South Korean organization. It was just after the game has become famous, that Tencent (which is a Chinese conglomerate), chose to collaborate with that company and market the game in China. After that, Tencent kept a large proportion of the game’s distribution. As in India, the intense PUBG game that you love is distributed by Tencent Holdings. Therefore, the only explanation about why PUBG Mobile was not on the banned list is because of its mixed-ownership as it is not entirely Chinese.

Firstly, the Ministry of Information Technology appealed to its power under “section 69A of the Information Technology Act read with relevant provisions of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009”.

Afterward, the government of India has officially refused to allow 59 Chinese apps that posed as a threat to India’s data security breach. That decision is targeted at protecting the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet customers as alluded to by the Ministry of Electronics & IT referred to its official statement.

After reasons that India did not ban PUBG, despite their decision that may displease a lot of users on Chinese apps, it in fact reassures all PUBG players and satisfy many others. Obviously, games will also be seriously affected if the interests of the country are broken. Fortunately, we, the fans of PUBG, are still here, together, until the moment. It’s time to come back to the playfield and search for your opponents now! Besides, you can update the latest news related to BATTLEGROUNDS on our site without difficulty. Further, we have tips and tricks to help you achieve Chicken Dinner fast. Thanks for reading!

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