Play PUBG and explore new third Classic lands in Bangkok at the MET Asia Series!

If you often updated breaking news related to PUBG maps and intense rounds of survivors or events, you will know that the superior Battle Royale skills deployed by the top players from the cool PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been found at the first PUBG Classic a month ago. Currently, players or any fans can mark their own calendars for the coming amazing MET Asia Series.

For PUBG Gamepedia, it is regarded as the final Classic of 2019. The best teams from PCL, PKL, PJS, PML, and SEA Championship will have the chance to meet up with each other in Bangkok, Thailand beginning July 26. In which, they will engage in fights to share a $300,000 prize pool and the title of MET Asia Series champion.

According to Sanook PUBG, the winner of that tournament, appropriate for the tradition of the PUBG Classic, will be the one who opens up a seat for their home area at the fall’s PUBG Global Championship. Nations like Korea, North America, and European regions have recently appeared at the PUBG Global Championship after their 1-2-3 finish at the Faceit Global Summit. With Western squads getting to the GLL Grand Slam after Phase 2, skilled ones from the Asian countries are also finding the way to cause troubles to the global pecking order at the MET Asia Series.

Before they complete the plan to occupy Miramar map PUBG with other destinations and conquer the highest position, crews throughout Asia should be eligible for the MET Asia Series itself. Groups will launch combat during the second Phase to be able to turn into one of the topmost parties from their league in PUBG or pro circuit and increase the opportunity to make it to Bangkok.

The MET Asia Series which is held on the PUBG map list will comprise swarms from the PUBG competitive territories below:

PUBG Classic In Bangkok At The MET Asia Series

In Thailand the weekend of July 26-28, you can access the general admission tickets to the MET Asia series at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). It is free and active on the event website beginning June 22 8:00 p.m. PDT! With so many skillful factions from base PUBG and so much on the line, that interesting PUBG esports event will offer an awesome Battle Royale match to the heart of Southeast Asia.

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