Here's what you need to know about the PUBG game's terms of use. Read these carefully before the game start to know how they collect and use your information

PUBG users need to fully understand the different PUBG terms when playing to avoid unfortunate consequences and have an overall satisfying experience. You can follow the most up-to-date news in terms of use on’s website, which is our reputable and informative website.

PUBG accept the use of advertising via software

Whenever you download and install software, you will get free access to the items included in the game. However, sometimes you have to accept certain advertisements that appear during your gameplay. Specifically, the ad paths can come in various formats, including ads such as videos, text links, interstitials, and pop-ups that will be served to you through the Content-Based Software. The web you view We use the website’s content and the URLs you visit to show you more relevant ads. Advertising provides us with the revenue we need to keep our business alive.

These Ads are not linked to any primary website, and you can easily remove ads like these in one click from Add / Remove panel (if you installed via file. executable downloaded) or from within your browser.

Advertising is the source of revenue to keep our business alive. These Ads are not linked to any primary website. You can easily remove ads one click away from Add/Remove Panel (when you installed via file. executable downloaded) or in your browser.

What is PUBG’s privacy policy?

We will perform no demihuman information (about us) collected from the user. The software is capable of automatically updating the latest technology and functionality. As explained in more detail, the Privacy Policy holds no personally identifiable information in the Software. The software may automatically be updated regularly to maintain our technology and appropriate privacy protection functions.

PUBG has also upgraded the use of Regular Cookies along with other tracking technology to collect certain information about your personal history with the sole purpose of creating the property of researching customers. More specifically, we collect non-personally identifiable information, i.e., your IP address, browser, operating system, date & time you visit, time on the website & other referral information. guides: What will you be licensed for?

PUBG follows the terms of exclusive ownership of all assets from the brand’s website and software. Website and Software are protected as the most valuable resources of the system. Therefore, you are not allowed to arbitrarily copy the images, content, and interface of this web in any form.

PUBG has full ownership of the software and the website
PUBG has full ownership of the software and the website

What are our duties and responsibilities?

You will be given sole responsibility for all activities on this platform. You do not have the authority to take advantage of the website and software to conduct transactions that tort the law and defame related parties.

PUBG tips: How do I uninstall this game?

You can download a lot of pc games but probably haven’t finished them all. Many people have the habit of downloading many games and leave them unused. Guides on help delete the PUBG game if you don’t use it.

For computers, you need to go to factory settings, and please follow the uninstall instructions accordingly. It’s recommended to restart your computer to complete the uninstall process.

Alternatively, if you have installed PUBG as an extension in your browser (help to play PUBG online without download), you can start by left-clicking and go to “settings.” You will navigate to “extension” and can easily uninstall it. The final step, close your browser completely and reopen it. The extension will be removed from your browser.

We update the game automatically

Our Website and Software are periodically updated. PUBG will be able to edit the next versions at its sole discretion arbitrarily. However, you can also limit this by reinstalling the feature to stop automatic updates.

Automatically are periodically updated on our Website & Software. PUBG will be able to edit the next version arbitrarily at sole discretion. However, you can limit this action by reinstalling the feature to stop this automatic task.