What is PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode?

Enjoy PUBG Mobile game and you are able to up to date your favorite matches with a special function for free! If you often follow updates by Tencent Games, you will receive a lot of amazing items, alongside changes, bug fixes, and so on. One of them is the mode called Colorblind. It has been released in PUBG Mobile Patch 0.17.0 Notes. Aside from being reserved for color-blind players, it is also obtainable by other people.

What is PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode

PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode is finally launched and it is really useful for cases such as Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia. If you connect with the battle in PUBG on mobile, you can choose among the three available Colorblind Modes from the Setting menu without difficulty.

In general, adding the mode to PUBG Mobile, a mobile game based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will help improve the graphics of many aspects in-game, for example, the red zone, poison, mini-map pings, and the smoke from the Airdrop. Besides, the Colorblind Mode can be selected for trajectory when you want to throw grenades at the target.

Outstanding features of PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode

Outstanding features of PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode

Download PUBG Mobile free and remember to play the game after Update 0.17.0 to grab the Colorblind Mode! With the presence of the mode, you will get numerous differences.

In fact, PUBG Mobile Colorblind will change the world into shades. Besides, you should not skip several advantages that it provides. They are effective to support you in looting the Chicken Dinner.

While they are created for color-blind joiners, they will be fitting the rest at any time. So, you can install and run it whenever.

How to turn on the blood color in PUBG Mobile with Colorblind Mode

How to turn on the blood color in PUBG Mobile with Colorblind Mode

It is the best guide to show you how to swap the blood color with PUBG Mobile Colorblind. After the new PUBG Mobile update, you can access the three options: Deuteranopia (Pink color), Protanopia ( Blue or Teal), and Tritanopia (Orange).

  • Firstly, open combat in the game
  • Opt for the Settings gear icon at the bottom and visit the Graphics tab
  • Look up and single out the Colorblind Mode
  • You will collect 3 color choices above with the first bloodred color as Normal.

PUBG Mobile Colorblind Mode actually makes your game more thrilling. You can upgrade the graphics for certain zones on the map and decide on the most suitable direction for throwables, etc. Don’t forget to share tips with your friends!

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