PUBGxE3 Mixer is a fun video on YouTube giving you lots of useful information on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. In the video, you can watch some players play and conquer challenges in PUBG. This will give you a deeper look at the gameplay too.

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PUBG Mobile New Subscription Packages
New Subscription Packages Are Available In PUBG Mobile
April 13, 2019

PUBG Mobile has become one of the famous Battle Royale Survival games on these days, and there is no denying that its popularity has increased to peak levels recently. Therefore, Tencent wants to take advantage of a broad fan base by adding several things to the game, such as Elite...

PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card
PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card
July 26, 2019

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card for PUBG Experience the new PUBG Survivor Pass Xbox 3: Wild Card with special styles. Lots of different costumes are waiting for you to choose, dress up and renew your player! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developers have introduced some unique ways to make your character look better....

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5
PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 – New Gun G36C Added
April 3, 2019

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 is going to be officially updated, featuring a brand new AR gun called G36C. This version has already entered the beta phase with the promise of bringing a lot of interesting PUBG Mobile game contents to all players. As expected, after the Beta stage, the updated version...

PUBG Console Update 4.2 - Patch Notes
PUBG Console Update 4.2 – Patch Notes
September 13, 2019

Console Update 4.2 - PUBG PC Patch Notes Visit Console Update 4.2, a new PUBG Console Update, and hop into the PTS Patch Notes for free! Do not forget to follow the big announcement from the developer's segment on “Inside Xbox” from August 19. They eventually start Season 4 on...