If you want to see more evolutions of the Battlegrounds, then the new PUBG Update 5.2 will help you out. There are lots of improved features that have been included in the game via this update, and the most outstanding one could be PUBG Labs. This new feature will officially debut and it is considered as a new place for the players to experience the latest game modes as well as help the development team refine them

In this PUBG Season 5 update, you also see the continuation of the high-speed hijinks, however, you will get something that makes the battle see the red of their brake lights with the Spike Trap. Also, the famous PUBG Vikendi map already got a face life to take the successful sniper tactics on the map into focus.

PUBG Update 5.2 On Live Server Carries Vikendi Updates

All new updates in PUBG 5.2

New Item: Spike Trap

  • Spike Traps are able to stab through the tires of any vehicle running over the strip of spikes.
    • Only one vehicle will take damage from a spike trap before the trap disappears.
    • Although the spike traps can pierce the vehicles, they cannot deal damage to the general health of the vehicles.
  • Spike Traps share the same spawn rate as other throwables on all maps.
  • To set a Spike Trap, you must choose it then press LMB. After a Spike Trap has been set, it cannot be picked up back.

New System: PUBG Labs

New System: PUBG Labs

PUBG Labs is a new destination for the development team to get closer to the community. Players will have a chance to try all the latest game modes, rule sets, features, and many other interesting things. You will help the development team contribute to the benefit of the community through your feedback on the systems and the tests implemented by the developers. Make sure you join the PUBG Labs and give a shot to all top-secret action the team has been working on.

What is PUBG Labs?

  • PUBG Labs is regarded as a place where the developers can present trial in-game features to the players and collect their feedback to make the features much better and make them permanent game additions.
  • Head into the menu under the Play button where you can find PUBG Labs.
  • More updates with new content will be out for PUBG Labs.
  • Your opinions and feedback on PUBG Labs are welcomed! Make sure you send your feedback and your thoughts on this feature to Community Managers.

The forthcoming trial content of PUBG Labs

  • Skill Based Rating (PC – Live server: Nov 26 12pm PST / Nov 26 9pm CET / Nov 27 5am KST – Jan 2 12pm PST / Jan 2 9pm CET / Jan 3 5am KST / Console – Live server: Nov 26 – Jan 6 KST)
    • Skill Based Rating is a cool trial feature that is being experimented through PUBG Labs. With this feature, your skill will be tracked, and you will receive a rating based on the performances you have completed in your match.
    • The Skill Based Rating is completely different from the current Survival Title System.
    • Depending on the skill level of players, the ratings will be used for every mode. You are required to first play 5 matches if you want to see your ratings.
      • As soon as you have completed 5 rating-evaluation matches, some factors, like kills, and general ranking in matches will be used to adjust your rating.
    • If there are any changes to your rating after the end of every match, you can leave your thoughts about them. This will help the developers evaluate the way the system feels.
    • For one week after the ending of the Skill Bases Rating test, all competitors who joined are able to send their feedback to each other through an in-game survey.
      • Feedback period
        • PC: 1/3 5 AM – 1/10 5 AM KST
        • Console: 1/7 – 1/14 KST

Right now, you are able to see your Skill Based Rating feature on the Test Server before it touches live servers.

All feedback from players is priceless to the developers. Through their feedback, the developers can use it to analyze data, alter the system, and make changes properly to make Skill Based Ratings much better than ever.

With the recent-update on December 6th, depending on the data and feedback the team has collected for the Skill Based Rating Labs test, the developers have made a decision on growing the maximum possible rating points obtained for every match. There was also an increase in the number of points for ranking, and it would be dispersing more evenly through all placements in the top 50%. These alterations will be effective instantly.

Vikendi Update

Vikendi Update

PUBG Vikendi map received a significant update! Now, you will see more vehicles popping up on the map. This will help you traverse areas in winter more easily. However, you need to stay watch out for Spike Traps in those snowy hills or the landslide will take you down.

Terrain improvements

  • There are many new roads added to the terrain to mitigate the toughness of traversing some snowy locations of Vikendi.
  • Together with more roads added, you also see an increase in the number of vehicles throughout the map, and also, the locations have been altered.
  • A cold front has appeared, and with the river around the Castle being frozen, you will be able to move through that location more easily.
  • Sited in the middle of Vikendi, Mount Kreznic contains lots of different terrain types that are not easy to move through because of how steep the mountain is. The general height of the mountain has been lessened in order to make it better.
  • The Vikendi terrain in some locations is kind of flat. This causes players to have trouble when hiding or taking cover when coming across opponents. To make this better, more variance was added to the height of the terrain in locations throughout the map.

Town improvements in Vikendi

  • Because of complicated structures or not having enough loot, some towns in Vikendi were rarely visited. There have been some alterations to these locations:
    • Volnova has experienced an overall reshape. Also, there was a modification to most of the buildings and driving routes.
    • You will see that the items now appear more in Peshkova.
    • Garages, where vehicles appear in Trevno, have been moved to another place. Thanks to this, players will escape after looting more easily.
  • Some buildings have been wiped out of the towns or even substituted with discrepant buildings to better gameplay. Via some structural changes, there has been a change to the field of vision achieved from high buildings.

Gameplay balance improvements

  • Made an alteration to the Blue Zone balance Vikendi in order to let players easily create their strategies by using more different routes.
    • There was a growth in the size of early safe zones.
      • There was a growth in the speed of early Blue Zones.
      • There is no change made to the size and speed of mid and late-game Blue Zones. They stay the same as the former updates.
    • There was a slight growth in the randomness of Blue Zone areas during the match.
  • The general number of vehicle spawns has been strongly grown after collecting feedback from players on not having enough vehicle spawns on Vikendi.
  • There was an alteration to the area of vehicle spawns according to the new Blue Zone balance.


The Way Point feature is now available in the game

The Way Point Feature is now available in the game

  • With the addition of the Way Point feature, you can create strategic plans for the routes you take.
  • This feature is only used when you open the map (M key).
  • You must use ALT + RMB to position the first point, and as you are holding ALT, you can click other areas to add more points. You can release ALT to eliminate the starting point.
  • You are able to position up to 4 points per group of Way Points.
  • To eliminate the placed Way Points, you need to press ALT + Del. When you position a new starting point somewhere else, all the current Way Points will vanish.
  • In Duo/Squad Mode, when a team member positions Way Points, they will become visible on the map with a Radio Message. You are able to switch the settings to not show the Way Points of some team members from the Team Management menu in the game.

An auto attachment feature is now added to the game

  • Thanks to the addition of the auto attachment feature, your weapon will be automatically equipped with the attachment you pick up.
  • There are three kinds of auto attachment options for you to pick from. You can toggle every single of them from the ‘Settings – Gameplay’ tab.
    • Auto equip when an attachment is picked up with the F key.
      • When you use the F key to pick up an attachment, that attachment will be attached to your weapon automatically.
    • Auto attach when you change to another weapon.
      • When your weapon is switched with another one on the ground, all the attachments on the old one will be transferred to the new one automatically.
      • The attachments that go along with the new weapon will be equipped, while the rest will enter your inventory.
    • Auto equip when attachments are picked up when the inventory is open.
      • When an attachment is picked up while the inventory is open, the attachment will be added to your weapon automatically.
      • But when an attachment is collected for a slot that is already being used, that attachment will enter your inventory.

Made an adjustment to swimming and diving balance

  • Swimming speed has developed by around 27%.
  • Diving speed has grown by around 20%.
  • Breath recovery speed has grown by around 10%. For full recovery, it will take you 9 seconds now.
  • The maximum diving time has also grown by around 33%, allowing you to dive for around 20 seconds.

Made an improvement to weapon impact sounds

  • The sound effects for every kind of object that got shot have experienced an outstanding improvement.

An option was added to Rate Match Satisfaction

You are now able to judge how pleased you were with your gameplay performances at the end of every match.

  • There are three different options for you to pick, namely Fun, Average, and Bad.
  • This is a great way to better understand what experiences players prefer and hate, as the developers work to make the general gameplay experience better for all.
  • Make sure you use this system to send your feedback to the development team after every match.

Custom Match

Going along with the Zombie Mode presets accessible to PUBG Partners, some new allowances have been provided for extra Custom match freedom.

Round feature is now added

  • War Mode / War Mode: You can get access to Conquest for round play, which permits for various match wins prior to the game completion.
  • These matches have two rounds, best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5 with a unique feature in which players are able to join discrepant battlegrounds for every round or change areas of both ends.
  • You can also get access to the ground re-spawn feature that was updated in the last patch.

The Commander feature is now available

  • In the former edition of Platoon Mode, players could not get orders appropriately from their platoon leader via UI.
  • In this update, the one that is in the first slot of every platoon in the lobby will be given the role of platoon leader. The area and ping of the leader will be shared with all platoon members.
    • Thanks to this, the whole platoon can figure out the moving/attacking/defensive targets, giving them a chance to experience a more strategic platoon battle.
  • Commander can help teammates and infiltrate the enemy via diverse support requests that are accessible in the map UI.
    • Air strike request
      • Commander is able to spawn a Red Zone at a chosen area.
    • Weapon package request
      • Commander is able to ask for a care package at an appointed area.
    • Healing package request
      • Commander is able to ask for healing items at an appointed area.

Sandbox Mode is now accessible

  • PUBG Partners are now able to generate Sandbox Mode matches.
    • This mode gives convenient functions for the partners so they can find it much easier to try with PUBG content.
  • They can generate Sandbox Mode matches in ‘Custom match > Create a match’.
  • Sandbox features
    • Invincibility
      • Only the match host (PUBG Partners) can get access to it.
    • Spawn items and vehicles
    • Take control of some special features, such as flying, and spawning Care Packages.

Special items and exclusive items are now added to custom matches

Three new items are already added. You can use them via the Sandbox feature that PUBG Partners have in the Custom matches.

  • Helmet repair kit
    • You use this to regenerate the durability of your helmet by a certain amount.
  • Vest repair kit
    • This is utilized for recovering the durability of your best by a certain amount.
  • Blue Zone Uplink
    • You use this to establish your current area to be within the next safe zone.
    • In case you are not in the current safe zone, the next safe zone will be sited as close to you as possible.

No HUD feature is now available

  • When you make a general Custom match, you are able to control what UI your players see by simply changing the setting in ‘Match Setting > Rule Tab > UI Option’.
  • UI mode now has presets.
    • All On / All Off / Hardcore / Realistic / No Location Info / No Battle Royale Info / Manual
    • Added individual UI setting to Manual.
      • Crosshair default /Map/ Player location / Player information / Teammate information / Displaying ID above the head of teammate / Blue zone ends in / Distance and notification text / Kill log / Number of survivors / Compass.

Weapon Mastery

A feature to sort out weapons is added

  • When you are on the Weapon Mastery screen, the order of the weapons is now changeable thanks to the weapon navigation filter.
  • You are able to categorize weapons using the criteria below:
    • Default (alphabetical order) / By level / By damage


  • It is impossible to play the old replay videos because of the update in the replay system version.

Skins & Items

Once the PUBG Update 5.2 comes to live server, these items below will be available in the Store:

  • 1 BattleStat weapon (MK47)
  • 2 types of BP BattleStat weapons (MP5K and QBZ)
  • 1 Madsy belt
  • 1 Madsy shoes
  • 15 Twitch Broadcaster Royale items
  • A new unlocked crate
    • The Venetian Crate stores 17 new gun skins.
    • You can use your BP to directly buy the crate through November 27. After this day, the crate can only be accessed through random only.

Bug fixes


  • Addressed a problem in which the effect of tire smoke goes on happening if the weeks are smashed while the vehicle is moving or stopped.
  • Addressed a problem in which spectator POV has to move downwards when a character is being pushed against a certain object with a weapon.
  • Addressed the visual problem when players collect Spike Trap in FPP.
  • Addressed a problem in which players would not take more damage than planned when they get hit by a Motorbike.


  • Solved a problem in which a specific vehicle on Miramar pops up inside an object, which makes the vehicle explode when entered.
  • Addressed an issue in which the footsteps could almost unheard on some carpeted surfaces.
    • The carpet material sound will become a little different in the areas where this problem was solved.

Custom Match

  • Addressed a problem in which the cloudy weather option vanishes on Erangel.
  • Addressed a problem in which the safe zone becomes visible in a specific area.
  • Addressed a problem in which the respawn time is out of order when the system menu is toggled throughout a War Mode Platoon match.
  • Solved a problem in which boost/heal items could be not seen from the perspective of the observer when in use.
  • Solved a problem in which the Waypoint line markers of the observer were unseen.

Zombie Mode

  • Solved a problem in which the description of the survival and annihilation presets are wrong.
  • Solved an issue in which the character will become visible as a human when they are equipping a face item.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which a zombie is able to respawn on the plane while it is flying.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the wrong screen is shown after entering again as a zombie in the Zombie Royale Mode

Survivor Pass

  • Made a fix to a problem in which a specific MK47 Mutant challenge mission is unable to be obtained in some circumstances.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which the “Wipeout Squads” Survivor Pass mission wrongly states it can be finished in duos.
  • Solved a problem in which unfinished mission indicator shows even when all tasks have been claimed


  • Made a fix to a problem in which old mummy gloves are not shown when tattoo sleeves are armed.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which players are incapable of hearing their own footsteps when they are moving on puddles of water.


  • Made a fix to a problem in which the initial item in an item crate shows twice in the preview screen.

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