PUBG Motor Glider is a unique flying vehicle that players can use to loot items. Find out how to use motor glider smartly to loot items from your enemies quickly.

As you know, PUBG vehicles are extremely diverse with many types to use to better your movement speed and help you get an edge over your enemies. When it comes to the list of unique vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC, Motor Glider should be on that list. In fact, this vehicle type is so unique when it can help players loot items effectively and quickly from enemies. Players can get access to a motor glider on two PUBG maps, namely Erangel and Miramar. Below here are several tips and tricks for you to use PUBG Motor Glider to outsmart your opponents.

The basics of PUBG Motor Glider

What is a Motor Glider in PUBG?

PUBG Motor Glider is known as a flying vehicle that has two seats. You and your squadmate can sit on it easily. Since there will be two people sitting on the vehicle, one will control it while the other one will cover fire. You and your teammate can make use of the Motor Glider to go in the air and gt to the far side of the circle in a short time.

How does PUBG Motor Glider operate?

  • Motor Glider in PUBG has two seats, which means one person will be the pilot while the other one will use any weapons to shoot at enemies.
  • Motor Glider can be found around the map.
  • Make sure you get to the speed of 70km/h to take off and press the S key to fly it.
  • The speed of the engine will be a key element to the proportion of fuel consumption of a Motor Glider.
  • There is no height limit you can reach! The limit here is the sky, but when you fly higher, the engine will start to reduce the power.

How to pilot a Motor Glider in PUBG

  • Control the altitude using W/S and control the gliding level using A/D.
  • Adjust the throttle by holding the left Shift and the left Ctrl.
  • While on the ground, hold spacebar to use brakes.

Where does PUBG Motor Glider spawn?

PUBG Motor Glider is currently found on two maps, namely Erangel and Miramar. If you want to use this vehicle, you should choose one of those to maps to play and try to find the locations that the vehicle usually spawn. Once you have found the gliders, quickly use it to get an edge over your opponents.

PUBG Motor Glider can be usedfor looting items from enemies

Watch a video below here to see how a player loots a flare gun by using his Motor Glider in PUBG.

Motor Glider can be used for looting items in PUBG PC

As you can see from the video, a player found a glider and used it to go after the crate of a certain opponent that got shot. When he approached the crate, he ran into it and divert it away. Due to that collision, his glider would be exploded, so he quickly found a place near the item to land, then loot the items in the crate using 3 smoke bombs.

Make sure you have good control when you drive a motor glider because if you don’t find a place to land it in time, it will explode after you collide with the crate. If you succeed in landing, you can get the items and your opponent will not know where his item has moved.

PUBG Tips To Use Motor Glider To Loot Items

In general, Motor Glider is a nice vehicle in PUBG. Due to its special characteristics, most of the players are trying to find it and use it to their advantage. Motor Glider is the first flying vehicle that players can use to get to the sky and grab items from their opponents quickly. Make sure you choose Erangel or Miramar map if you want to use PUBG Motor Glider and you will find it interesting!

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