Survival Title System: Beta Season 1 Extension Released!

Survival Title System: Beta Season 1 Extension Released!

Season 1 is great for fans of PUBG. Although it was arranged to finish in April, the developer decided to extend it to May 7, 2019, PDT. Therefore, you and other characters can play more comfortably before approaching milestones and getting season rewards.

The beta season 1 item prizes of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be displayed on the Season > Overview page after choosing the section Season Rewards.

Awards in PUBG PC will be received, depending on the Survivor Title gained at the end of beta season 1. Beta season 1 gift will belong to those who are considered Novice or higher. You can obtain many distinctive objects and all if you own the top level.

Rewards will be admitted with the beginning of a season for PUBG download, which will be introduced at a later date. They will be delivered within 1 day. If you have not gotten anything for 24 hours after the next season is activated, please contact Customer Support.

Anybody in PUBG who is detected to have been granted a Survivor Title by violating policies will be restricted and/ or removal of seasonal rewards.

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