With some PUBG tips and tricks on avoid getting detected, your chance of surviving in PUBG PC game will be increased. No matter who you are, a newbie or a skilled player, you are highly recommended to learn these tips and tricks if you want to become the last man standing on the battlegrounds. Learning how to avoid being spotted by enemies is one of the best tactics that you will never want to miss.

As you know, there are already plenty of PUBG PC guides on How to win PUBG PC, and this latest PUBG Survival Guide is one of them you must check out now. In case you get detected by a certain enemy, you will have a very big drawback because they can run around you, then quickly kill you suddenly. Hence, to avoid them, learn all of these tips below!

How to dodge the “enemy’s radar” in PUBG game while hiding

Choose the perfect hiding location

Make sure you always select locations that are not too risky. Don’t pick the places that can make other players detect you easily. You should try to move from places to places continuously, take advantages of the terrains to overcome the enemy’s detection. Also, you must speculate where the enemy will come from using your experiences or some clues like the sound of gunfire, vehicles, door opening, etc. In the later blue zone, the enemies will be likely to appear from many angles. Therefore, you must pay attention to your surroundings, notice the Feed Kill and listen to the direction of the gunfire. Always prepare some plans to cope with the situation!

Choose the perfect hiding location

Use suitable outfits to hide from enemies

The outfit is also an important element that will have an effect on your hiding from enemies in PUBG PC game. Since PUBG Maps always come in bright colors, you should avoid wearing clothes that contrast with the ground and trees. Try to avoid the illuminated areas, like white walls or white stones. Instead, you should stay in the dark to make enemies find it harder to spot you. Don’t forget to crouch whenever you can!

Use suitable outfits to hide from enemies

Avoid making noises to draw the attention of enemies

You should not make a lot of noises when moving or doing any actions in PUBG game. First of all, try not to shoot if you cannot kill the target. If you fire, you will attract other players in the area and they will definitely come to your place. Second of all, if you decide to sneak into a certain house with a person inside, try not to make any noises by moving softly, crouching, or even walking. Do whatever it takes to make the enemies unable to hear you coming.

Avoid making noises to draw the attention of enemies

That’s all for the PUBG Tips and Tricks on how to avoid the enemy’s detection. You can follow them to increase your chance of surviving or use them to secretly kill your enemies in a surprising way.

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