PUBG Season 11 is coming up, promising to bring out brilliant story content, which makes the game community extremely curious! Let's check out right now!

PUBG Season 11 is making players around the world feel so curious when announcing that there will have brand new story content in the latest season! So is that true about this PUBG update? And what the difference between this plot from the old one in PUBG Season 10?

PUBG - the most popular survival shooting game!
PUBG – the most popular survival shooting game!

Brand new is coming to the PUBG Season 11

An update to the Chinese adaptation of PUBG Mobile appears to allude to a beginning time span for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11, and alludes to new story content in transit. The following period of the granddaddy of battle royale games appears. It’s commencing one month from now. But it is hard to tell what happens in the story.

PUBG leaker and data miner PlayerIGN posted a square of text obviously found in the Chinese language variant of PUBG Mobile, alongside the Google interpretation. We’ll bring up here that a great deal of subtlety can be lost in machine interpretation and Google’s parsing innovation once in a while doesn’t get tenses or subject-object connections right.

The update talks about how the portable adaptation of PUBG has generally drawn its updates straightforwardly from the PC variant. Yet that the two forms are currently plotting discrete, free courses. The interpretation claims that the update of the PC variant is likewise not far off. In the forthcoming Survival Season 11, it will likewise lead all survivors to encounter the new story substance of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in a pristine structure.

The content proceeds to say that we’ll observe a real part in April, probably meaning the new season. So we know that maybe the PUBG’s Next Season Starts will be near in the future.

The tweet that reveal the upcoming story content of the next season
The tweet that reveal the upcoming story content of the next season

Season 10 has been an energizing one for PUBG. It presented the new PUBG Haven metropolitan map that carried the new Pillar NPC group and they are executed trucks. We’re not yet sure what’s in Season 11. Despite the fact that with some revamping in progress at PUBG Corp, it could be astute to temper assumptions a piece. Follow the up-to-date PUBG new features with us!

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