PUBG 11.1 Update is now available on PC Test Servers. Check out the article to see what important changes are coming in the next season this month!

PUBG 11.1 Update has come true, players now no longer have to wait! According to reliable sources, the latest PUBG update is available on test servers. After that, the game will officially launch later this month. A series of interesting changes are waiting for players to experience. The return of Paramo, and countless major improvements concerning seasons. The developer has also updated the terrain of your favorite map, and now there will be a series of new game modes in the new season. Let’s check out the article below to learn more about the new changes in PUBG season 11.

PUBG Season 10 ranked rewards

One of the rewards that players will receive for PUBG season 10.
One of the rewards that players will receive for PUBG season 10.

Before season 11 officially begins, players will receive attractive rewards for season 10. These rewards will be given based on the last rank the player has achieved in the past season. Here are the details:

  • Ranked Emblem: all players who obtained a rank during Season 10 will receive a unique emblem per tier.
  • Season 10 Ranked Parachute Skin: this is open to all Diamonds ranked and above players.
  • Season 10 Ranked Mirado Skin: this is the reward that all players ranked Gold and above will receive.

PUBG Season 11.1 ranked begins

There are significant changes to rewards in PUBG 11.1 Update. Specifically, starting with Season 11, players will receive ranked Seasons for two months at a time. The season’s start and end dates also no longer match a Survivor Pass.

Ranked Rewards Changes

If previously, ranked Parachute skins were only offered to players with a rank of Diamond or above, this season 11 would be Gold or above. Plus, Vehicle skins are no longer a Ranked reward in PUBG. Players at Platinum level or above will receive the Animated emblems. And Master or Top 500 will also receive the Nameplate and Emblem.

Updated Rewards Table

According to multiple sources, the season 11 rewards designs will be revealed in an upcoming announcement. However, each emblem reward will be unique to PUBG Season 10. Ranked rewards will be available in your inventory as soon as Season 11 launches and appears on live servers. Here are the rewards for each different rank:

  • Bronze: Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
  • Silver: Silver PUBG ID Emblem
  • Gold: Gold PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin
  • Platinum: Ranked Parachute Skin, Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem
  • Diamond: Ranked Parachute Skin, Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem
  • Master: Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin, Animated Master Nameplate
  • Top 500: Bonus rewards for Top 500 players which are Unlockable Animated Top 500 Nameplate and Unlockable Animated Top 500 Emblem

PUBG Season 11.1 ranked update

This will be good news for PUBG fans as the spawn rates for all weapons in Ranked Mode will be increased to the same level as Esports Mode, across all maps. Developers have increased the number of spawn items from 30 percent to 40 percent to help players save time looting.

The return of Paramo in PUBG 11.1 Update

Players will see the return of Paramo in PUBG season 11.
Players will see the return of Paramo in PUBG season 11.

PUBG developers are bringing Paramo back to players and customizing matches. Meanwhile, Haven and Karakin were slowly disappearing.

  • The terrain on Paramo currently retains the element of randomness, however with an added randomized location possibility.
  • Secret Rooms and Care Package Helicopters will have more spawns of items.
  • In addition, the developer also improved the terrain and added additional cover to the fields in PUBG.

Normal matches

  • Number of players can be up to 64 people in a match (including bots)
  • Players will be supported with both TPP and FPP in Solo / Duo / Squad

Custom matches

  • Now available in Custom Matches
  • The game has now added Secret Room Keys to spawn options
  • Sandbox mode is also now available

Map service plans in PUBG 11.1

Developers will limit the number of playable maps to five starting with Season 11. This is for trying and keeping a “balance” between matchmaking times and map selection.

Besides, the developers claim that consensus is often in favor of large 8 × 8 maps, even though each has a different preference. So, from now on, Erangel and Miramar will always be available with the remaining maps and alternate in the remaining three slots. As for Patch 11.1, Paramo will also replace Karakin in the rotation.

Weapon balance update in PUBG Patch 11.1

According to data collection over the past months, developers have aggregated and made some adjustments to weapon balance in battles.

  • Mini14: damage increased by one (46 to 47)
  • VSS: damage increased by two (41 to 43)
  • SCAR-L: damage increased by one (41 to 42)
  • SLR: horizontal recoil increased by 15 percent and recoil recovery rate decreased from 2.1 to 1.9
  • Beryl: horizontal recoil magnitude increased by 5 percent, horizontal recoil speed increased from 10 to 11 and vertical recoil speed increased by +1.5 (15 to 16.5)

New feature: Emergency pickup

A Fulton Balloon will be released from its bag during Emergency Pickup. Besides, an aircraft will arrive 60 seconds after the Balloon is fully inflated and soars high in the air. During this time, you can call on 3 of your teammates to attach yourself to the Fulton Balloon rope. After the plane arrives, it will catch the Balloon, from which the player is raised and headed towards the center of the Safe Zone.

In addition, players can detach themselves and parachute down at any point during the flight. Players cannot use the Emergency Pickup service before the first circle and after the fourth circle. It also won’t work when the player uses it indoors, on trains or on ferries.

For the uninitiated, the Emergency Pickup is an item you can loot and is only available on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. You can also carry it with you in your inventory.

How to use it effectively

Emergency pick up will be effective if the player uses in the following cases:

  • Be trapped deep in the Blue Zone or unable to cross it
  • Have to cross an empty lot with little cover while joining with another team
  • When you and your teammates want to find a safer loot location

Some things to keep in mind when you are picked up by the plane:

  • You cannot shoot once you have been picked up by a plane, so be wary of your surroundings when you are in mid-air, especially in cases where Motorcycles are hovering around.
  • Players on ropes can be spotted and therefore vulnerable to aerial attacks from Motorcycle Gliders.
  • In these cases, players can unplug the rope at any time and deploy a parachute.
  • The parachute cannot be deployed if the player is below 50 meters.
  • The player’s camera will be locked during the TPP of the journey.

Mastery medal update for PUBG 11.1

Ten new types of Mastery Medals will appear in the new PUBG Patch.
Ten new types of Mastery Medals will appear in the new PUBG Patch.

While the first medal update focused on battle-killing skills, this PUBG update adds medals focusing on a wide variety of combat scenarios and varied gameplay. For example, medals have been added for missed victories, knocking out the opponent’s entire squad, taking the lead in some unfortunate situations, and even for good coordination with your team.

In addition, players can receive Mastery Medals in both Normal Matches and Ranked, except for Arcade, Lab and Custom Matches. Each medal specifies the game mode that the player will be acquired in.

PUBG IO updates

Display 2 medals to show off your achievements!
Display 2 medals to show off your achievements!

Players can now show off their achievements by displaying two medals at the same time on their PUBG ID. Upgrading a medal class will cause the old medal to be removed and only the higher medal will be displayed. Besides, players can customize their PUBG ID from the Customize tab on screen.

PUBG update for Mutual friends

As for PUBG’s friend system in the past, players only follow other players. In the new feature with the name Mutual friends, players will be able to become friends and fight together on the battlefield. Besides, there are a host of other improvements below:

  • The friends list currently only supports a maximum of 300 friends.
  • The social page has been added to a Friend Request tab. Players can see their friends’ activity status here.
  • You can choose to block requests from specific players for 30 days. Once a player is blocked, you won’t be able to unblock them for that length of time.
  • PUBG no longer supports the Following feature. So the players that you have followed before will be listed on the Previous List. Besides, you can also send friend requests from this list.

PUBG 11.1 UI/UX improvements

Killfeed updates

Some important changes of Killfeed.
Some important changes of Killfeed.
  • Killfeed currently only uses graphics, players can no longer use text-only options.
  • To improve visibility, the DBNO and headshot icons are now separate.

New feature: Match log

As you know, they will no longer support the text kill feeds. Because of this, we added a new screen for viewing match logs using the existing text kill feed feature.

Players can access the Match Logs from the Menu which includes the following information:

  • Kill messages
  • Important messages (all messages which display in the center of the screen)

Players will not be able to see the Match Logs in the following cases:

  • Ranked and Esports modes
  • The mode that supports the spawn modes and does not support kill feeds
  • Training mode

The modes where the Match Logs will be active:

  • Battle Royale modes
  • Zombie Mode
  • Zone Tag Mode

Besides, Observer also supports Match Logs, even in Ranked Modes or Esports Modes.

Esports Tab PGI.S champions page update

PUBG players are currently able to see the PGI.S 2021 winner in the Esports tab with the PUBG 11.1 Update.

  • The top 4 teams will be shown with the total PGI.S Grand Prize
  • To celebrate the victory, the Tournament Champions will be shown with their pictures

Notification changes

In Normal Matches, you should not leave a match because then a notification displays. This may affect your reputation score on your profile.

  • Your reputation won’t be negatively affected and notifications won’t be displayed if you choose to leave before the plane takes off or after death.
  • Match Rank pop-up deleted
  • Your feedback via match ratings will be very helpful for us in improving PUBG. We will take over all of this data to continue to improve PUBG. In addition, we are also introducing a new survey system instead of voting match ratings. You can see full details later in the patch notes

Finally, we’ve moved the Player Profile Icon to the friend system at the bottom right of the main menu.

Store improvements

Here, we will introduce a new G-Coin page that developers have designed:

By choosing categories, you can find the item easily

  • Categories without items will be disabled
  • Some categories have been renamed
  • Subcategories have been added

Adjusted several image / model sizes to improve item preview.

Quality of life improvements

  • Players can view the Customize tab emote settings for the maximum number of participants.
  • Players won’t have to wait to start a new session as they can now create up to three Custom Match sessions.
  • A new survey system is coming soon in PUBG 11.1 Update. When a new survey begins, players will be notified via the notification center on the main menu.

TDM map ratio changes

According to feedback from the gaming community, the developers have slightly reduced the scale of the Sanhok map for TDM.

Performance improvements

  • Improving server replication process to increased server performance
  • Reduce overload by streaming at the optimized level
  • Improved unnecessary performance costs related to reflections and optimized reflectance calculations inside buildings
  • Reduce server crashes by improving Care Package optimization
  • Server performance gains related to Red Zones
  • Image loading speed has been improved in the game and in menus

Items and skins in the new update of PUBG 11.1

April skins: Hippie

April 13, 2021, 9pm CT – April 12, 2022, 9pm CT

All the items included:

4 Sets

  • GROOVY GETUP BUNDLE: Groovy Glasses, Groovy Bandana, Groovy Gown, Groovy Boots
  • HIP OUTFIT BUNDLE: Hip Haltertop, Hip Bellbottoms, Hip Sandals
  • ONE LOVE OUTFIT BUNDLE: One Love Beanie, One Love Shirt, One Love Pants, One Love Shoes
  • GROOVY OUTFIT BUNDLE: Far Out Sunglasses, Far Out Shirt, Far Out Bellbottoms, Far Out Slippers

2 Vehicles

  • “High Flyin’” Motor Glider
  • “Hippie Soul” Aquarail

2 Emotes

  • Victory Dance 46
  • Victory Dance 47

19 Items

Weapon skin: Gold/silver Beryl

April 20, 2021, 9pm CT – June 1, 2022, 9pm CT

All the items included:

  • 1 Set: FANCY BERYL BUNDLE: Gold Plate – Beryl M762, Silver Plate – Beryl M762
  • 2 Items

In addition, there is an adjustment of the item patterns on the Corgi Crew Skins due to some texture problems.

Some PUBG 11.1 Bug fixes


  • Problems using a throwing object in a vehicle where the hand position is not correctly aligned
  • Fixed a problem where only a small amount of damage was dealt to an enemy when colliding with the Dust Bike at full speed
  • Fixed the incident where grenades sometimes failed to throw and exploded in a player’s hand
  • No more bare footsteps sounds when wearing Pillar Tactical Pants
  • Fixed an issue that could display incorrect preset skins to teammates
  • There are no longer two different compensators attaching to the Mini14 that looks identical
  • Team Finder was able to deactivate after starting the matchmaking
  • Fixed issue where Panzerfaust could shoot through a wall when the players jump or fall
  • The respawn process still works if the player doesn’t switch to spectating mode after dying in War Mode
  • Power-up items are not destroyed when consumed while the player is changing weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when exiting an airplane in Sandbox Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a player who kicked from a Custom match hall could rejoin via invitation
  • Once 30 minutes have elapsed, penalties for leaving a Ranked Match (not being able to join the match) are not applied.


  • Correctly displayed the background opacity of the Random Crate’s background
  • Arrow UI in the top right corner of the Match Report Weapon Mastery will not be displayed even when XP for a weapon is reached
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Items’ were showing ‘Stolen’ when using the Tactical Map Marker
  • Displayed Steam friends in party as a group when playing team mode
  • Fixed an issue where players waiting in line for a match were marked as played when viewed on the Social Page
  • Fixed visual issue in notification window after reporting a player
  • News page content aligned in Arabic
  • Fixed an issue where player nicknames were shown on minimap in observation mode
  • Displayed the ‘Vest’ filter in the Customize menu
  • Fixed issue where the kill feed was not showing when a random player was kicked out of the game
  • Displayed a close icon for the wheel menu
  • Fixed an issue where players chose certain reporting options when reporting a player


  • Fixed a cutoff issue when the Hairstyle PGI.S and Crossbow hat were worn together
  • Display bug when wearing PGI Title Handwraps after wearing Duncan’s Infiltrator Handwraps has also been fixed.


Fixed an issue where the failed vote notification was displayed on the date of the announcement of Pick’em Challenge results.

Those are all important changes that players need to keep in mind for the updated version of PUBG 11.1. Currently the official version is coming soon. So let’s wait for great moments with PUBG season 11 in the near future.

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