Play PUBG PC the popular Battle Royale style game you will have to face hundreds of enemies throughout the real world! To become the last standing man, you have to overcome a lot of difficulties. To help you reach the goal sooner, we are still working to figure out and collect the most useful tutorials. Now, we will introduce to you the way that you can apply to eliminate someone when you spot him in a moving car. Every detail of the topic we want to show is completely free to access. I hope you enjoyed!

Most effective hacks to finish off the prey in driving means in PUBG game

The following instruction will be a piece in the collection PUBG PC guides that you can visit on our website whenever. Alright, we will discover steps one by one.

You may understand that you need to aim carefully when you are opposite a car, especially if you expect to earn a higher rank on the leaderboard. Of course, you must knock down the drive. Unfortunately, it is not simply because of what he is controlling.

The distance from the seat to the front of the instrument in PUBG PC

Don’t worry! You will know how far it will happen to some items from the present PUBG vehicles list from now on. They can be a Buggy, a UZA, or a Dacia. Obviously, each of them will not have the same size. But, the distance from the front of every single of them to the main seat is not changed.

The Distance From The Seat  in PUBG PC

How to aim accurately in the existing plan of PUBG players

It is a necessary technique that you can seek in the top PUBG Tips and Tricks. What you observe will give you a crucial clue that you can rely on to unleash your bullets at their weakest point even though they are running their object. In case the foes are 100 meters away, you should fire at the front barrier.

How to Aim Accurately in The Existing Plan of PUBG players

If the quarry’s velocity is quicker than 80km/h or they are closer than 100m, you can deploy your action. If they are farther away, for example, 200m, you can aim at 2m in front of the car.

How to Aim Accurately in The Existing Plan of PUBG players

By using some accessories, you can master how to spot enemy PUBG without effort. It will save your ammo significantly. Besides, your survivability also increases. Additionally, there are plenty of special guns to choose from SCAR-L, M416, and M16A4. They will boost up your shooting skills amazingly.

How to Aim Accurately in The Existing Plan of PUBG players

Summary of how to shoot down somebody in PUBG in moving cars

To kick the hostile characters off the stage of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can select:

  • When the other survivor is heading at a relatively high speed and he is 100m away, please aim for the position around the front of his vehicle.
  • If he is getting closer to your area, aim close at the driver’s seat until you can kill him.
  • If he is far up to 200 meters, aim at 2m in the front of the automobile.
  • Note! Everything will be operated effectively with assault rifles using 5.56mm ammo or sniper rifles – AWM.

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