PUBG New State weapons not only give you an advantage when fighting, but they also have a lot of uses that require you to learn carefully to be effective.

PUBG New State weapons saw the appearance of many types of guns with different damage mechanics and abilities. This is a survival game, so weapons play a very important role to help players achieve high results.

Each gun will give you a different feeling of use with many mechanisms. There are very good guns, but at the same time, there are guns that are very bad in many respects. Here is information about guns that you should not choose when participating in PUBG Mobile 2.

PUBG New State weapons: Why are weapons important?

Before reviewing the worst guns in PUBG New State APK, we will learn about the importance of weapons. In any survival game, you also need to own the best weapons to increase the winning rate. Accordingly, how to use them is also a factor that many players are interested in to be able to maximize their power.

You can use weapons for many different purpose

In this game, you can find a lot of different guns to personalize according to your use. But sometimes you will have to use guns that are not forehand and have many disadvantages. We believe that there are certain types of guns that you should not choose if you want to be the last survivor.

Do not foolishly choose these guns

Some weapons are not effective in combat
Some weapons are not effective in combat

M249: This is the weapon that we want to mention first on this list. M249 has a long reload time, heavy weight makes it difficult for players to fight. Ideally, you should stay away from this weapon or find another rifle instead.

PP-19 Bizon: Despite possessing a fast fire rate, the accuracy and damage caused by this gun are not high. You should choose the Vector gun as a perfect replacement for the PP-19 Bizon if you want to use a multi-purpose SMG.

S686: This double-barreled pistol makes many players feel helpless because of its long reload time. If you do not defeat the enemy with the specified number of bullets when using the S686, then you can be in immediate danger.

Pistol: A pistol should only be used in emergencies when you can’t pick up other guns. It has never been a weapon trusted by many players in fierce gun battles.

AUG: AUG is not a weak rifle in this game but it does face a lot of competition. You can use Groza or Beryl M762 to completely replace the AUG in each battle. These weapons are more versatile, help you optimize damage, and are much better than AUG.

Above are some types of PUBG New State weapons that you should not use under any circumstances. They will not only make you not have an advantage over your opponent but also contribute to an increase in the rate of loss in each fight.

PUBG New State weapons and the names you should choose

PUBG New State best guns depend a lot on the choice and deployment of each player. You may be able to match certain types of guns but also may not maximize their effects. Do not choose a weapon with the highest attributes, you should choose the type of weapon you can use the best.

Of course, we will still provide you with some of the best weapons worth using in this PUBG news article. It can be some familiar options like M24, AKM, M416, Beryl M762, Grenade Launcher, AWM, Crossbow, Vector, S12K, and Groza. They will be suitable for different players, and at the same time have their own disadvantages.

The above are all the best guns with many outstanding advantages compared to the rest, hopefully, will help you. PUBG New State weapons will not let you down with the many choices available. Besides good weapons, you should avoid the guns that we have listed above if you want to win.

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