PUBG New State Bella is one of the recently introduced new characters with many highlights. Do you know how to get it for free through different activities?

PUBG New State Bella has debuted with a super impressive appearance along with colorful hair. Bella’s appearance has made the player community feel excited and want to own this girl immediately.

One of the interesting points of the character Bella is that players can easily unlock it through the missions and the specified storyline. Below we will share with you how to receive Bella through various activities.

PUBG New State troi map: Find Sam’s note

According to the information above, you can own this girl without paying fees like some other characters. Of course, you need to complete some assigned tasks along with many activities to get results. The first way to have a chance to own this character is to play the Troi map and move to the City Hall.

Sam's note should be the first you find to get Bella
Sam’s note should be the first you find to get Bella

Here, you’ll quickly see some bookmarks called “Sam’s notes”. Your task is to collect these notes to complete the assigned request. But keep in mind that City Hall is one of the places where many players appear, so you need to move smartly if you don’t want to be defeated.

We believe it is a good strategy to move to City Hall when the game has been going for some time. This will help you avoid unnecessary gunfights in the early stages. After collecting Sam’s notes, let’s move on to the next quest.

PUBG New State Bella: Move to Vermount

Vermount is the next place you need to move to on the Troi map. The Hunter’s Mask will be the target, they only appear at Vermount inside the mansion. The identity of the Hunter mask is yellow and has a distinctive design. This area will also have much other loot, you should collect all of them.

The journey to find Paper Cranes in Cornwall

When you move to Cornwall, you’ll immediately notice the area’s topographic complexity. If you are an experienced player on the Troi map, you will have an advantage over other players. Accordingly, Cornwall consists of a cluster of houses and boards with a very complex topographic structure.

Therefore, Paper Cranes will be harder to find than the two items mentioned above. You should conduct a safe search for Paper Cranes because this process will be very time-consuming and may affect the character’s survival. Hopefully, you will not have to face enemies to make things simpler.

Bella’s concert poster is the last thing to look for

Unlike previous items, PUBG New State will give players more challenges with Bella’s concert poster. You cannot find this item at the specified locations. Instead, this completely depends on the continuous search process and the player’s luck. Believe me, you just need to pay close attention during the thorough process to find this poster.

After collecting all the required items, just go back to the main menu and click on the quest tab. This is the time when you feel the most excited, click the receive reward button to own the Bella character right away. Of course, you can use this new character right in your next survival fight.

That’s all the information about Bella that we want to cover in this article. Hope you will gain experience in searching and becoming one of the first Bella character owners in PUBG New State Bella. But beware of other opponents, they will also become your obstacle in completing the required tasks.

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