Zombie: Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

Zombie: Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

Zombie: Darkest Night is one of the most interesting modes for PUBG Mobile Download game. It appears along with the existence of the update 0.12.0 and other features. In Zombie: Darkest Night, players will have the chance to experience another combat system and some changes in gameplay, which are ready to bring back a completely new feeling for gamers.

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Details inside PUBG Mobile Zombie: Darkest Night

There will be numerous unique contents not existing in PUBG Mobile before.

How everybody in PUBG Mobile starts

Firstly, you should keep in mind that all of your actions will occur across very small areas of a part of the Erangel map. Not only that, it is limited to 32 people with countless undead.

You will not drop into the playfield as you would in a normal round of PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Zombies mode. Instead, you and three members of your squad are able to find yourself trapped in the middle of a horde of corpses and damaged means. There will be a short countdown period afterward. And, you are forced to run toward abandoned houses nearby to search and collect whatever guns with supplies before the zombies or the toxic gas or hostile survivors approach and kill you. For most of Zombie: Darkest Night in PUBG Mobile, you can recognize that you will be indoor as it does not take too much time for the gas to reach your spot.

The set up for your favorite match is not complex. You are required to survive after encounters with the walking dead and keep you stay away from the poisonous zone.

Defend yourself before fighting against the foes in PUBG Mobile Download

In PUBG Mobile Zombie: Darkest Night Mode, you or anybody will have to focus on hiding for survival. It is one of the most useful tips to stay alive at the end of the challenge. You are highly recommended to look for gear or weapons, together with necessary items in the daytime. At night, it is actually difficult to scan whichever on the island. Further, you are advised to cover your body with a shelter and battle against zombies when they come to capture you. Note that it is hard to remove the prey with ammo being in short supply!

The shrinking playable position in PUBG Mobile

Reduced the time that the battlefield in PUBG Android gets smaller, indeed, the change will not have any effect on the conflict and it cannot bother you too much. It is not as similar as what you have ever seen in Zombie Survive Till Dawn Mode.

The number of zombie waves can increase up to 12

Monsters in PUBG iOS game are cunning. Their onslaughts will be divided into 12 times. They will gather and devastate the building that you lurk. Therefore, conceal from the view at a convenient place and always get ready to run away. Be careful! They can hop over walls or climb up on the roof. They have various options to eliminate you.

Select appropriate targets

Aside from the main objective, you do not need to concentrate on killing other survivors. Attempt to finish your task for 30 minutes! Although there is no bonus loot at the final moment, there is an array of combat bonuses such as extra damage and health penalty if you fight alongside teammates. In fact, you will receive lots of advantages when working with your squadmates like that. Especially, it is very important in such a thrilling survival journey.

Good luck!

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