A couple of typical issues from PUBG Mobile Version 0.12

The Typical Issues From PUBG Mobile Version 0.12

They are bugs that many players in PUBG Mobile experienced since it was updated, specifically after Version 0.12 was released. There are three major problems that we will mention.

It’s not able to parachute properly and find the plane in PUBG Mobile Version 0.12!

Although PUBG Mobile game has been upgraded on both of the Android and iOS platforms with a series of new features contained in a version called 0.12 such as Darkest Night Mode, 2 weapons, other types of zombies, etc., it still makes participants uncomfortable due to plenty of troubles.

Firstly, they could not see the flying machine in PUBG Mobile download anymore whilst they prepared to release. Therefore, it was not possible to parachute. That was capable when they came after a teammate. However, it did not end because they would fall freely and uncontrollably. Furthermore, they could not loot anything once they had hit the ground of PUBG Mobile free play online. Even, they were forced to stay in the mid-air for a long time after they ejected themselves from the airplane. The full information which is related to these cases was gathered and confirmed by Tencent Games. If you are operating PUBG Mobile game on Android smartphones, they can appear and influence your starting stage obviously.

The Typical Issues From PUBG Mobile Version 0.12

As you know, those who accept to engage in PUBG Mobile download for pc game will be delivered to the Survival Island from the server in order to embark on an interesting journey. If you are one of them, you can observe the aircraft and its movement direction through a line on the map. After Version 0.12, numerous people cannot find the vehicle. Strangely, they can jump into the playfield. Nevertheless, it is impossible to land immediately after parachuting because they will be hung in the sky for a while.

Another matter revolved around looting on PUBG Mobile battlefield

The Typical Issues From PUBG Mobile Version 0.12

In addition to that, persons who had ever encountered that situation in PUBG iOS could not pick up any items after they drop. In other words, you can be killed whenever if you have no tools like weapons or supplies, necessary resources for a Battle Royale match.

All of them really have an effect on users of PUBG Android. Moreover, a few famous YouTube streamers stopped playing the game until a patch is launched so as to react to those bugs.

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