PUBG Mobile UMP-45 is one of the best SMGs with strong stats and high damage. UMP-45 is an ideal gun for close-range combat. Learn more about it!

PUBG Mobile UMP-45 is one of the best submachine guns in PUBG Mobile. You can find this cool weapon in any buildings since it has a high spawning rate. As you know, there is a wide range of PUBG weapons with different categories. Submachine guns (SMG) are the ideal guns for close-range battles.

If you want to master the SMGs, don’t skip a chance to try the UMP-45! Pick it up then use it to shoot all enemies! But first, you may want to find out the basic stats, attachments, and other details about this PUBG Mobile UMP-45.

PUBG Mobile UMP-45 deals the highest damage among submachine guns

UMP-45 in PUBG Mobile is the best SMG dealing the highest damage
UMP-45 in PUBG Mobile is the best SMG dealing the highest damage

UMP-45 in PUBG Mobile free download uses .45 ACP ammo type and it comes with three firing modes, including Single, Burst, and Auto. The gun is a common weapon that is easily found in buildings and compounds. Its damage is extremely high, which makes it an ideal SMG that players should pick and use.

When it comes to stability, UMP-45 is more prominent than other SMGs. Players, who are the fans of assault rifles, also choose this submachine gun as their favorite gun. UMP-45 comes with a magazine that stores 25 rounds. But if you attach an Extended Mag or an Extended QuickDraw Mag to it, it can store even more rounds.

About the fire rate of the gun, UMP-45 is a strong gun with a fire rate of 0.92s, which is very high. You can use this submachine gun your the close-range combat, and even medium-range combat if you equip 4x and 6x scope to it.

There is a wide array of attachments that go with PUBG Mobile UMP-45, like Lower Rail, Magazines, Muzzle, and Sights. Thanks to these attachments, the efficiency and reliability of the gun will be strongly improved.

Through all of the details above, now, you may have known why UMP-45 is a powerful sub-machine gun to use. Give it a try when you are in a match and you will know if you love it or not.

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