PUBG Mobile has become a famous mobile app game worldwide, and there is no denial about this recognition. Do you know what makes this game such popular and addictive like that? It’s time to grab a chance to find out the reasons, also, you will have a better grasp of CROS uncovered by Tencent at GDC.

A nice talk of Tencent about CROS at GDC on PUBG Mobile

Tencent – a super big game developer and publisher – gave an interesting talk for anyone who was concerned about the complex business of making the game enter the best possible shape to achieve success. This talk mainly concentrated on CROS which was known as a comprehensive suite of tools giving a hand to over 200 of the world’s most successful mobile games stretch out their potentials, such as games by Epic, Miniclip and Supercell.

PUBG Mobile: Cros

After becoming one of the largest successes, Tencent Games explained the way to turn PUBG game into a commercial hit through four pillars of CROS, including Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), G6 (Game R&D Solutions), WeTest, and MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect).

PUBG Mobile: Intelligent Network Optimization

Thanks to INO using Dual Channel solutions to optimize networks, especially for online multiplayer games, at the moment, more than 30 million users are supported by PUBG Mobile game daily without any lag problems. INO is known as such a big benefit for eSports, reducing average latency by over 90%, and also, it is very appropriate to 99.95 of eSports industrial requirements.

PUBG Mobile: Games R&D Solutions - G6

G6 plays its part as well, supplying a 24/7 data storage function that is totally capable of taking back results in less than 3 milliseconds and at a rate of 20 million requests every second. Additionally, a high-quality voice service is also provided by G6, having at 99.8% connection ratio and a crash ratio under 5/100,000.

PUBG Mobile: Wetest

Meanwhile, WeTest operated in a magical way and the testing time was decreased by 90%. Some people wondered about the way it did! And it was definitely taking advantage of human labor as well as using intelligent AI instead. The top 500 mobile phone models underwent an examination, accounting for 90% of players and making sure to bring a smooth playing experience to everyone.

PUBG Mobile: WeTest Fronitier Technology and Service

Lastly, The all-important security was offered by MTP to go against cheaters. At present, cheating tools appear everywhere on the Internet. By using a wide range of smart tools and tricks, MTP helps identify cheaters and prevent them from ruining your gun gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile: Tencent Games Security MTP
PUBG Mobile: Key Features and data Highlight

In the end, the talk was so great, which could be considered as a convincing peek at the work that has been implemented to make sure all multiplayer games can function well as well as have fair environments for all players. Nobody notices when things are right, so, you are advised to hear it for CROS. You will surely enjoy and play a round of PUBG Mobile without lags for the next time.

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