Winning a Custom Room match in PUBG Mobile is a great thing. Do you know how to win in PUBG Mobile as well as how to become a skilled gamer? If you are ready to join Custom Room mode, you should arm yourself with some useful PUBG Mobile strategies to win a Custom Room match.

To become a professional gamer in important PUBG matches, the players are required to have different skills and knowledge since the gameplay in these matches are not the same as the classic battles. Custom Room matches are also fierce, therefore, you should learn PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to overcome your opponents as well as have an upper hand on them to get closer to the ultimate victory.

Tactics Play A Very Important Role In PUBG Mobile Custom Room
Tactics Play A Very Important Role In PUBG Mobile Custom Room

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Tips and tricks to win a Custom Room Match in PUBG Mobile

Select the proper landing location

Making a decision on where to loot items is one of the most crucial elements in PUBG Mobile. Once you have pinpointed where to loot, you can save a lot of time. A single drop from an airplane using your parachute decides a lot of things because things can happen when no one has a gun yet. An ideal landing location may be only suitable for squads but has enough items to take, including healing materials, armor, and guns. Some underrated points you can try in PUBG Mobile Custom Room are Lipovka, Zharki, Mylta city, and Severny. These areas are far enough to let people fewer know and aim at them and a squad can find enough equipment for them there.

Tactics Play A Very Important Role In PUBG Mobile Custom Room
Tips And Tricks To Win A Custom Room Match In PUBG Mobile

Find out the safe area

The safe area is the next thing that all squads must observe when playing PUBG Mobile. You have to be ready all the time to implement plans, speculate the next safe area for your squad and find out how to get there without getting in trouble. There are three positions for your squad to wander around the area, including the edge, the center, or a third of the circle. A good decision will be the key to success. You should take a look around and make your decision based on what is happening in the game.

Find Out The Safe Area
Find Out The Safe Area

Send a spy to scout a new area

This strategy is very effective in the process of changing areas. With only serveral members being sent into a certain area, the risk of being detected is much lower and they can come back with fewer opponents. The spies will find out the areas of the enemy team and send three other members to them. This strategy has been successfully used by a lot of teams in the worldwide final round of PMCO. Why does this strategy help in changing areas? The reason is that when a new safe zone is created with the known enemy areas, the ability to dodge conflict is much easier.

Send a Spy To Scout a New Area
Send a Spy To Scout a New Area

PUBG Vehicles are so diverse! You can use them to overcome the length of the map and better your movement speed. Vehicles are most often used in professional tournaments, including in public mode. Nevertheless, every vehicle has one drawback, which is that it can explode easily when getting hit or shot. Therefore, getting all members of your team in a vehicle is rarely recommended.

Send a Spy To Scout a New Area
Send a Spy To Scout a New Area

If your team finds two or more vehicles, your group is recommended to split out, which avoids the risk of getting the whole group destroyed. If a vehicle is blown away by an enemy, the remaining players can still fight on their own and bring glory to their team.

Other tips to win in Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

There are still other tips that are least used in the game, such as

  • Trying to reach the higher rank while the circle is shrinking in size
  • Divide your squad in many locations and different buildings (covering the entire big area to detect other teams)
  • Creating a good position in the safe area

With the tips for winning in PUBG Mobile Custom Room mentioned above, now you can equip yourself with some tips and have a good grasp of how to conquer those custom room matches. Hopefully, this PUBG Mobile Guide will be useful for your future battles. Don’t forget to find out more other PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to secure your victory!

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