PUBG Mobile SPAS'12 will be popular with gamers because of its advantages compared to old shotguns. It has a good rate of fire and damage at close range.

PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 is a new gun that appeared in beta 1.9 of the game. It is rated as one of the most powerful shotguns in the current weapon collection. However, it also has its own disadvantages in addition to many advantages in terms of the rate of fire and firing distance.

Therefore, to grasp this weapon well, you need to understand the information about SPAS’12 to take advantage of it in real combat. That information has been briefly summarized in this article, check it out with us now.

Is SPAS’12 the best choice in PUBG Mobile 1.9?

As you may already know, SPAS’12 has just appeared in the beta version of PUBG Mobile. Although not present in the previous version, this weapon is available for gamers to test in the current version. This weapon is of the shotgun type, like the S12K, S1897, and S686. So it will have similarities with the old weapons.

However, many gamers have questioned whether the new weapon is the best option on the shotgun list. To answer this question, you need to know the parameters of the gun, including range, rate of fire, damage level, and more. Besides, you must know how to take advantage of it to maximize its effectiveness.

So, SPAS’12 can be the choice of many gamers in the upcoming battles. It has its own advantages to replacing old shotguns in certain situations. Your battle for survival with many other online players will have an exciting new part. Try it to feel this newness.

Basic parameters of SPAS’12 and its advantages

PUBG mobile update has brought SPAS’12 to the fingertips of gamers who love multiplayer survival style. It can be a great weapon if you know how to use it in real combat. Therefore, it is necessary to learn its basic parameters before you start with it.

Damage levels and attachments

To calculate the damage of this weapon, we need to rely on many factors. It is the number of bullets that hit the target, the firing distance, and the position of the bullet. However, the damage estimate is also not completely accurate. Because SPAS’12 can fire 9 rounds at a time, smaller than other shotguns (12 rounds per shot).

According to estimates, the damage that the weapon can deal is 24 HP per shot. That’s when you can hit the target all 9 bullets. Thus, if in close range (about 5 meters), you can knock down the target in one shot. If at a longer distance, you need to shoot 2 or 3 shots.

Besides, if the target has level 2 or level 3 armor, you need more shots to take it down. Moreover, the further away you are, the more difficult your aim maybe than when shooting close. At that time, the accuracy of each shot will decrease and affect the damage dealt from the gun.

PUBG Mobile's new weapon has a strong attack power
PUBG Mobile’s new weapon has a strong attack power

This new weapon in PUBG Mobile does not come with familiar accessories such as scopes, barrels, or additional magazines. However, it can work well and stably even without any accessories. Therefore, it will be the right choice when you have just landed and have to rush into the battle right away.

Range, rate of fire, and reload time of PUBG Mobile SPAS’12

PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 NEW Shotgun has the best range at a distance of 50 meters from you to the target. If at a longer distance, the gun’s bullet may not reach the opponent’s position. Besides, it will be more effective the closer the distance, suitable for close combat.

In terms of fire rate, this weapon can fire 300 rounds per minute, much higher than the old shotguns in the game. Its magazine capacity also stores up to 7 rounds per load. But if you leave the magazine empty, it takes you up to 6 seconds to complete the reload. This is an important drawback of this weapon.

However, you can shorten the reload time by leaving 1 to 2 rounds in the magazine. That helps you change ammunition faster, limiting the situation of fierce responses from the enemy at close range.

So, PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 is an exciting new point in your many upcoming battles. Since it is a shotgun, it has a high probability of appearing on the map. You can find it in low-end homes or scrap yards and more. It will be useful to attack the target at close range, gaining an advantage at the beginning.

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