PUBG Mobile Season 12 release date has been set! The new season of PUBG Mobile game, together with Royale Pass, will come out on March 9. This new season features an entertaining park available on Erangel map, promising to bring an amazing experience that players have never had before. The development team of the game always wants to change the gameplay with various PUBG Mobile updates in order to bring a better experience to all players. This time, the new season, together with the new Royale Pass will be a part of the update.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release Date

To have good memories with PUBG Mobile season 12, players should start accumulating points to unlock brand new features. Besides, PUBG Mobile game also brings awesome rewards and cool events in season 12 in the forthcoming weeks.

According to Tencent, players can select between the two legendary sets at the bottom of the Royale Pass upgrade, together with a wide array of new commemorative-themed items. On this occasion, Tencent also made improvements to the interface of purchasing items and upgrading, as well as giving support to the unique Voucher.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Rewards

PUBG Mobile new rewards will be available for the players who have not purchased a PUBG Mobile Royale Pass yet in the last 3 seasons, and people who have registered since season 1 but have not formerly purchased a Royale Pass.

New content updates in PUBG Mobile Season 12

The new PUBG Mobile update features brand new content to celebrate the second-year anniversary of PUBG Mobile with a wide array of interesting in-game activities. Particularly, PUBG Erangel will have a slight change, with a completely new position on the map in Classic Mode matches. That change is an amusement park that will show up in one of three locations on the map. This is called Amusement Park Mode.

New content updates in PUBG Mobile Season 12

In this PUBG Mobile Amusement Park mode, players will take part in various events, such as Space War, Hunt Game, Shoot Ranger, What in the Box, Reverse Bungee, and Trampoline. With Reverse Bungee, it is a jumping machine placed in the middle of the park. When players use it, they can launch themselves into the air and can use their parachutes to surf to other locations on the map.

PUBG Mobile Anniversary

PUBG Mobile Anniversary event will be a public amazing event that helps players on the server work together to complete various event goals and unlock rewards. Needless to say, there will still be other individual events, with event rankings bringing players bonus points based on their current rank.

Unlike PUBG PC, the Vikedi map in PUBG Mobile was leaked to have an extreme cold mode. With this PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold Mode on Vikendi map, players will challenge their survivability when they are forced to survive in the winter by finding food and fire. However, this extreme cold mode is being postponed in this update, Players may have to wait a period of time before joining it. Let’s just stay tuned for it!

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