Although PUBG Mobile Season 9 has just started not long before, there was already some leaked information about the next season – PUBG Mobile Season 10. Just like the current season, the next season leaves a big question in players’ minds when they have no ideas about if they can get a wide array of cool features or not. According to some leaks, PUBG Mobile season 10 update will gift you great skins for free and new backgrounds. Let’s dive into what specific rewards you will get from season 10!

New rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 10

Free skin for M249

Free skin for M249

Every season in PUBG Mobile is the same about gifting players if they obtain high rankings in combat. With PUBG Mobile Season 10, you should attempt to get your rank higher for new rewards. To obtain them free, work and play harder! You will find these rewards easy to achieve because they are at the level that can be reached by most of the players.

You will get the skin for M249 in the care packages as a reward for your high rank. However, you must attempt to find the care packages then quickly unlock them to get the skin. Another problem is that you must defeat all other players who are also on the hunt for the skin.

Parachute skins

Parachute skins

Parachute skins are also chased by gamers a lot. It seems that PUBG Mobile Season 10 will see a big explosion when most of the rewards are in yellow and red colors.



You will have a chance to receive awesome, dynamic, and beautiful costumes for your characters in PUBG Mobile Season 10.

Other nice skins

Other nice skins

Various skins for your sleighs and vehicles in the game

Free Skins For The T-shirts

There is no decision or confirmation for the free skins for the T-shirts for the event yet

The Winter Themed Skins

The winter-themed skins for your shirts are so diverse

Skins For The Helmet

Winter-themed skins for the helmet by levels

Your Pans And Katana

Your pans and katana now have the new skins

Seemingly, The Costumes Are Covered By Dynamic Armor

Seemingly, the costumes are covered by dynamic armor

Various Skins For The Steel Style Hats

Various skins for the steel-style hats

Many Skins For Your Guns
Many Skins For Your Guns

Many skins for your guns

Multiple Airplane Types Have Just Been Released

Multiple airplane types have just been released

A Wide Array of Attractive Skins For The Masks

A wide array of attractive skins for the masks

Multiple Skins For The Weapons

Multiple skins for the weapons

Multiple Skins For The Hats

Multiple skins for the hats

Attractive Skins For M416 LAD level 1, level 5, and level 7

Attractive skins for M416 LAD level 1, level 5, and level 7

New backgrounds

There is a wide array of new backgrounds brought to you by PUBG Mobile Season 10. You will find these backgrounds beautiful, attractive, and modern.

Now, you have known all the leaks about free new skins offered by PUBG Mobile Season 10. Make sure you try to grow your rank after matches for a chance of receiving new skins. More updates, as well as rewards, will be coming out in the forthcoming time. At the moment, nobody knows the official PUBG Mobile Season 10 release date. You just need to stick with the game and stay tuned for more news about this.

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