PUBG Mobile Mythic Titles are rewards players must try their best to obtain. Find out what those Mythic Titles are and what you must do to get them.

PUBG Mobile Mythic Titles are great “gifts” gamers want to receive. While the game offers various features to players, Mythic Tiles are still something attractive. These titles emphasize the ranks and skills of players. However, it will not be easy to obtain those Mythic Titles when they require players to complete challenging missions.

There are various titles you can achieve in PUBG game. Therefore, you should have a good grasp of what they are and how to reach them. Here are the top 5 Mythic Titles in PUBG Mobile you will want to achieve!

What are the top 5 Mythic Titles for players to obtain?

Unique Destiny is one of the most PUBG Mobile Mythic Titles

Unique Destiny title in PUBG Mobile

If you want to know an elite title in PUBG Mobile, it will be Unique Destiny. Although this title takes a lot of time for players to achieve, it will be worth your try. To reach it, you must complete 6000 achievement points. Not many players can obtain it!

Season Conqueror Title – the highest mythic title

Season Conqueror title in PUBG Mobile

Being known as the highest tier in PUBG Mobile, Conqueror tier has attracted lots of players and become one of the toughest tiers to obtain. Hence, it is the most precious title in the game. Every player wants to get to this tier and become a conqueror player, but this is not easy. Conqueror Title in PUBG Mobile requires you to have a good amount of points to obtain it.

Mythic Fashion – another great mythic title for you to obtain

Mythic Fashion title in PUBG Mobile

This title in PUBG Mobile is all about outfits. Thus, you are required to achieve a high number of Mythic outfits in your inventory if you want to get this title. You will achieve it if you add 50 Mythic outfits in total in your inventory. But, it is a hard mission to gather 50 Mythic outfits in PUBG Mobile.

Perfectionist – a title that makes you a perfectionist

Perfectionist title in PUBG Mobile

This title is only for players who bought enough Royale Passes. Therefore, you have to purchase Elite Royale Pass for 6 seasons consecutively, which means it takes you 6 PUBG Mobile Seasons to obtain this Mythic title. Although it may sound a little bit expensive to be a perfectionist, you will love it if you achieve it.

On A Mission – get this PUBG Mobile Mythic Title to let others know you are on a mission

On A Mission Mythic Title in PUBG Mobile

You will get the On A Mission Title in PUBG Mobile when you have finished all the weapon masteries up to level 5 in the game. It will not be easy for a gamer to master all the guns, but that’s what they must do to get this title. Below here are the PUBG Mobile weapons you have to master to obtain On A Mission Mythic Title!

  • Assault Mastery V
  • SMG Mastery V
  • Shotgun Mastery V
  • Pistol Mastery V
  • Melee Mastery V
  • Sniper Mastery V

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