PUBG Mobile Livik Map has 5 best locations to land and loot items. Explore where they are and take chances to get yourself good weapons with attachments.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map is the latest map featuring exclusive weapons, a new vehicle – Monster Truck, and other elements to explore. Livik was introduced to all gamers through PUBG Mobile 0.19.0. Gamers should try this new map at least once if they are into the classic mode of the game. However, mastering Livik is no easy since you need to the best locations to land and loot. This helps you a lot in conquering other players for your Chicken Dinner. PUBG Mobile guide below covers all crucial information about Livik and the top 5 locations to land in it.

About PUBG Mobile Livik map

Livik is an exclusive map designed for PUBG Mobile only. This map features lots of cool stuff, exclusive terrains, many weather types, and great elements to explore. Livik comes in only 2×2 km in size and it contains only 52 players with a battle that lasts for 15 minutes.

Livik does not only feature unique landscapes and areas, but it also comes with a special vehicle called Monster Truck and some other new weapons, for instance, the P90 SMG and the MK12 Marksman Rifle. Before you play this new map, you may want to know the best locations that offer good loot. Those locations are often hot drop areas attracting many players. You have to be careful when you decide to land there! Now, let’s have a look at top locations to land in Livik!

PUBG Mobile Livik map

Where you should land in Livik?

After Livik is kicked off with the patch notes 0.19.0, a series of areas that everyone can visit and search for whichever they expect. The following list will give you the regions to arrive after leaving the plane.

Power Plant – a good-to-loot area in Livik

Power Plant – a good-to-loot area in Livik

Power Plant in PUBG Mobile Download is a yard that high-end objects frequently spawn. In case you are seeking a level 3 armor and a good AR right away, you can sprint there because it actually has the highest potential. Meanwhile, due to the fact that almost traps will exist in such a big building, you may have to prepare for fighting against them.

Midtstein – easily become a hot drop area in PUBG Mobile Livik

PUBG Midtstein is a Hot Drop Area With Good Loot

Midtstein is the largest town on PUBG Mobile Livik. It features a lot of abandoned houses and loots inside. When you come here, you should enter a building to loot any items then use them for the fight. Watch your surroundings because this is a hot drop area. It draws the attention of many players when landing.

Hot Spring – you may want to bathe in a hot spring

Fast landing in PUBG Mobile Livik

Hot Spring seems to be a special area on Livik map when it covers snow and hot spring. When you come here, quickly loot any weapons and items on the ground. But, make sure you look around the place first because it’s quite open. If you are not careful, you may get shot by someone. The special thing about the hot spring is it can heal your health if you bathe in it.

Holdhus – another great location to visit in PUBG Mobile Livik

Monster Truck is a Livik-exclusive vehicle

Holdhus is also a nice area to land in. It’s quite similar to Midtstein due to its large size and big buildings. These buildings offer lots of items to pick up, and you will have a high chance to find good ARs here.

Aqueduct – a big basement with good items to loot

Loot items and sprint fast enough to deal with enemies

Aqueduct is a basement that seems to be quite secret. It is also a good area to visit when you have a need for strong weapons and good attachments. You can choose Aqueduct as your drop location at the start of the game. This is how you can gear up yourself quickly.

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