What are PUBG Mobile Livik and unlucky signs for PUBG PC?

If you often follow PUBG Mobile, you will know that Livik will be added. Along with the presence of the new item, many people think that is not good for PUBG PC.

It is the first time that Tencent Games opens an exclusive map ONLY for the mobile version. It is called Livik. According to the latest PUBG Mobile updates, it will soon appear in the near future.

About Livik in PUBG Mobile

Livik is a map that is reserved for PUBG Mobile and it has all features of 4 maps in PUBG PC, including Miramar, Vikendim Eragel, and Sanhok. According to PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0, it will bring the Livik map with a couple of weapons and areas.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 will arrive on July 7, the company has announced through its Twitter handle. Currently, Livik is in the beta version of the game. It’s obtainable for you to test as Secretmap.

It is the official name of Fourex, the map that was introduced in PUBG Mobile news before. It is two kilometers by two kilometers in size and will have quick matches with a maximum of 40 players in a match. Therefore, you can engage in the most intense fast-paced matches.

About Livik in PUBG Mobile

Key features of PUBG Mobile Livik

Similar to other playfields in PUBG Mobile the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, Livik will be equipped with special functions.

Monster truck – It is a distinctive vehicle on Livik. It has very big tires so it can overcome every type of terrain.

Monster truck

Waterfall – There will be a stunning waterfall in Livik and you can discover a secret cave without difficulty. Further, it hides countless loot to collect and use. Besides, you can see a hot spring, volcano, and so on.


Weapon crates – Along with the truck and the location above, you will have the chance to enrich your collection in PUBG Mobile Livik with supply boxes. They are scattered across certain places. They will offer guns, ammunition, and accessories.

Weapon crates

New weapons – Download PUBG Mobile the game and you will be given them, consisting of a gun called SPAS-12 and an AR (MK12).


Reasons that Livik is considered the bad sign for PUBG PC

To learn much more about the cause of why Livik is a worrying sign for PUBG PC, please keep reading!

Amongst objects supplemented in PUBG Mobile, Livik is regarded as a map just for PUBG Mobile instead of using available ones from the original game.

In other words, PUBG Corp gradually wants to build a stronger mobile edition with Tencent to replace the effort of improving the negative state of PUBG PC at the moment.

Livik is regarded as a map

Previously, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tried hard to entice gamers with a free game-opening event for a few days so that all could join, even for those who have never purchased a PC version. PUBG Corp expected that it could help everyone who is staying home due to Coronavirus would relax by playing a fierce match in a completely free PUBG on weekend.

Reasons that Livik is considered the bad sign for PUBG PC

Unfortunately, contrary to the hope of the publisher, the number of users in PUBG did not increase. Based on the Steam chart, PUBG lost 0.88% of its players in the first week of June.

Reasons that Livik is considered the bad sign for PUBG PC 2

With the existence of Livik, an exclusive map for PUBG Mobile game can predict the end of PUBG PC if the developer is no longer interested in PUBG. These days, the average number of joiners inside PUBG PC is only around 241,000, reduced by nearly 90% compared to the peak in 2018. Despite every effort of PUBG Corp, it is a game that is still going downhill.

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