PUBG Mobile Korean download is on your device right now. So what is more special than the other versions? Find out with us by clicking the link above.

PUBG Mobile Korean download is one of the best PUBG Mobile versions at the moment. For this version, players will experience the Korean server along with many other players around the world. As is known, Korean server players possess high skills, along with fierce competitive battles. So your skill will be much more developed compared to other servers. If you are having problems downloading PUBG Mobile KR version, please refer to this article right away.

PUBG Mobile Korean APK download
PUBG Mobile Korean APK download

Download PUBG Mobile Korea and discover how special it is

Keep the same gameplay

Basically, PUBG Mobile KR will not have too many changes in terms of gameplay and graphics quality compared to versions in other markets. Players will still enjoy the most attractive survival battles right on their device. So you will not encounter too many changes from the international version of PUBG Mobile. Rest assured that you will feel familiar from the first experience.

Less lag when playing PUBG Mobile Korean

When experiencing PUBG Mobile Korean, players will have less lag in the matches they participate in. Why? It can be said that Korean servers are upgraded with stronger bandwidth, thereby able to transmit large amounts of data to players. If you are in Asia and want to experience the smoothest game, choose PUBG Mobile KR right now.

Limited encounter hack/cheat situation

A longtime PUBG Mobile player will certainly not be too unfamiliar with the rampant hack/check situation in a match. It can be seen that the publisher has given many solutions to limit the above situation, but it is not really effective. Besides, in the opinion of some veteran players, PUBG Mobile KR will experience less hack/cheat than other regions.

Also, players will get to meet more skilled players because Korean players have always been known for their high “tryhard”. In addition, if you want to find a place to practice, adapt to new tactics in PUBG Mobile tournaments, Korea is always the right place.

How to download PUBG Mobile KR for mobile devices

For Android devices:

You can visit reputable APK providers and download PUBG Mobile KR APK to your device.

  • First, click on the provided APK link to start downloading the game.
  • Next, allow the device to access unknown sources by activating the Install from unknown source option.
  • Click on the APK file to begin installation after the download is successful, but don’t open the game immediately.
  • Next, Copy the folder “com.pubg.krmobile” to the folder “Android / OBB”.
  • Finally, click on the PUBG Mobile KR icon on the main screen and enjoy it now.

Note, your device needs to make sure that there are more than 1.5GB of free space available. Because the ZIP file size is quite large, equivalent to 1.37GB.

In addition, players can also use the TapTap application to download games in many different regions of the world. Here, you can easily update your favorite games and applications, including PUBG Mobile.

Easier to download and install on iOS:

How to download PUBG Mobile KR on iOS devices is much simpler than on Android devices. Players only need to change the App ID address of the device to the Korean region and agree to the terms of the Apple Media service. After completing the registration steps, you can download the game and experience it immediately by clicking the search box and entering the keyword PUBG download.

Some questions related to PUBG Mobile 1.1 Korean

Is PUBG Mobile KR supported on PC? – Just like most other mobile games, you can play PUBG Mobile KR download on PC. How to play? Of course, you need to use popular emulators like Bluestack, NOX, or Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Can I play this game even if I’m not in Korea? Of course, the development of VPN virtual private networks allows you to do this easily. Basically, you just need to fake the IP address to the Korean region to experience PUBG Mobile KR.

What is the minimum configuration of the game? – PUBG Mobile KR is still the international version, so you need to own a device with a good enough configuration. We recommend that you use the device with 4GB RAM and 3GB free internal memory for a stable game experience.

Hope after referring to this article you will understand more about PUBG Mobile Korean download. Along with that how to download and install it on mobile devices is popular today.

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