There is no denying that PUBG Mobile is releasing further features to compete against other battle royale mobile games. With PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 released recently, players can get access to new interesting features to make the gameplay much better. Thanks to the new features, the latest update of PUBG Mobile has become one of the community-appreciated updates.

One of the most outstanding points is the legendary Erangel map now features snow, together with the FPP mode transforming into TPP mode, and finally EvoGround mode with a new name called Rage Gear. However, on top of that, there is another highly-anticipated mode that has just been introduced by the development team of PUBG Mobile game, and it’s called Payload x War Mode

Pubg Mobile Officially
Pubg Mobile Officially

PUBG Mobile team made an announcement about introducing Payload x War Mode

Basic rules for Payload x War Mode in PUBG Mobile

If you want to better understand this PUBG Mobile Pay Load x War Mode, there are several basic rules of War Mode you are highly recommended to learn. All of the rules will be mentioned below here:

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

Heavy guns are great weapons in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode for players to use to cope with the flying vehicles of enemies

  • Each match is set in a small circle. The area is chosen without conscious decision and it will be marked on the Erangel map.
  • At the beginning of the game, players will be armed with weapons, explosive grenades, helmet, and healing items in advance.
  • After 110 seconds, you will see some airdrop crates on the grounds. Those crates carry weapons with top-quality equipment.
  • Killing enemies earns you 3 points. In case you join a team, resurrecting a defeated teammate earns you 1 point every time.
  • For the collapsed players, they will respawn every 30 seconds.
  • Any team reaching 200 points first will become the winning team.
  • After 15 minutes, if no team gets 200 points, the team with the most points earned will become the victor.

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode is an interesting mode in which players can utilize their heavy weapons to cope with the enemies’ flying vehicles. So, when the Payload and War are combined, at the beginning of the game, you will get some grenade launchers with bullets and use them to deal with your enemies instead of using the traditional SMG or AR. That’s an amazing thing about Payload and War Mode in PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

Enjoy PUBG Mobile Payload x War mode for a new experience

The combination of these two game modes in PUBG Mobile is considered to be the starting step of the evolvement of the game when the developers have a plan on releasing another update to better the game experience for all players.

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