PUBG Mobile India continues to receive sad news from the Korean server after the ban from the government. How will PUBG Mobile players in this country be?

PUBG Mobile India is one of the largest PUBG Mobile player communities globally. However, since this country introduced the experience ban, the number of players has decreased significantly. Some players still want to stay attached to their favorite game. They have switched to the KR server to experience the game. But things are not so easy, the homepage of PUBG Mobile KR made a decision. What is that? Join us to find out shortly.

PUBG Mobile India since the ban

PUBG Mobile ban was announced by the Indian government in early September 2020. Since then, players in this country have a lot of difficulties in experiencing the game they love. There are many mixed opinions surrounding this ban. But things have become much quieter than when it was first announced.

According to many sources, players in India can still experience PUBG in different countries. The most typical is Korea through VPN – the popular virtual private network protocol today. Using a VPN will help players experience a more stable game regardless of geographical distance. More specifically, VPN servers are located in many countries around the world. This means that it directly supports users connecting to servers in many different countries. Note, your device needs a strong internet connection if you want to use a VPN.

While this is not a wrong solution, the sudden spike in traffic caused the congestion the PUBG Mobile servers in Korea. Even leading to lag, affecting the player’s experience in this country.

The latest announcement comes from PUBG Mobile KR

Announcement from PUGB Mobile KR on Instagram
Announcement from PUGB Mobile KR on Instagram

The management company of the Korean game PUBG Mobile has just made an official announcement. Also confirmed that they have officially stopped all global players from accessing the Korean server. This is really shocking news for PUBG Mobile players around the world. Because they often use Korean servers due to the high competition in battles. Thereby, improving your level more quickly than other servers.

Also according to the post, players outside of Japan and Korea will be able to access the PUBG Mobile KR version from May 1. For India, the ban period will be rescheduled for about 2 months, i.e. on June 30, 2021 onwards. If you still try to use your other ways of experience, the users will encounter different problems.

Especially, the homepage of PUBG Mobile in Korea does not have any explanation or mention of how to implement this ban. They are all based on general passages, so we need to wait a little longer for more details.

APK version PUBG Mobile KR

There are too many players using the APK versions of PUBG Mobile online to experience at Korean servers. This causes the PUBG Mobile home page of this country to offer an immediate solution. Hence, they have posted a post on their personal page. The content implies that all devices using the APK version of PUBG Mobile KR will have problems logging into the game.

Specifically, the APK version will be disabled even if you have downloaded the latest one. Besides, the problem of updating the APK version will be much slower than the original version. So different versions will also make it difficult for players to experience the game. In addition, they also note that this is the solution to make PUBG Mobile KR’s service better. This means it will not be related to the issue of discrimination against any country in the world. Do you agree with this notice?

General conclusion

Overall, this is bad news for PUBG Mobile India. Specifically, for players who are still passionate about this fascinating survival game. It may be a long time before the PUBG Mobile ban is lifted in this country, even permanently. Hopefully publisher Tencent Games will find out a way to fix the situation soon. At the same time helping players in India continue to experience the game as before.

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