PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode is the place for you to show off your masterful fighting skills in competitive matches against other opponents around the world.

PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode is receiving much attention from the worldwide player community. Although only launched in PUBG Mobile 1.9, this mode has impressed with its high competitiveness and many novel mechanics.

In this article, we will introduce you to some tips and tricks to increase your winning rate in Holi Dhamaka mode. Of course, you also need to have good combat skills and apply some of the tactics we provide to defeat other opponents.

PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode: Tips and tricks to win

Sky Island should be the first priority when jumping from an airplane

This famous island has been added to Erangel and Livik maps in Holi Dhamaka mode. If you are a longtime PUBG Mobile player, you will recognize Sky Island which has appeared before. But now it has improved and become one of the top choices when jumping in the early stages.

Sky Island brings high attribute equipment
Sky Island brings high attribute equipment

In Sky Island, you will find a lot more powerful loot than in other areas. This is where you will find the best weapons to have an advantage against opponents. However, the appearance of many other players here will also be a big challenge for you. The more valuable the loot, the greater the responsibility.

Be friendly and communicate with teammates

PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode requires the ability to coordinate with surrounding teammates to increase the win rate. You can become a leader and get others to follow you by coming up with the tactics. If possible, you should use the voice chat feature to communicate with other players instead of chatting as usual.

Make effective use of the Recall feature

This is one of the special tools that allow you to summon dead teammates on the map. This feature is really useful in many situations, and Holi Dhamaka mode is no exception. Of course, you shouldn’t use it arbitrarily because it only works once per battle.

The recall feature will help revive fallen teammates
The recall feature will help revive fallen teammates

The Recall feature is no longer strange to players, it has received many positive reviews during the Spider-Man and Jujutsu Kaisen events. Hopefully, the publisher will officially add Recall as a default feature for all events. This is one of the best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that we would like to introduce to you.

Help from the Utilities

For those who don’t know, Utilities includes items that give you a certain advantage when fighting enemies. The Utilities simply increase the damage of attacked items without directly participating in the combat. You can use them to optimize damage for Frag Grenades or Molotov Cocktails for a short time.

In general, the timely use of Utilities will help you easily defeat the enemy in front of you quickly. But we believe that Utilities is only really useful when you combine it with your masterful control skills.

The appearance of bicycles in PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode

One of the most interesting additions to this mode is the new bike vehicle. The most useful feature of these bicycle vehicles is that you can fold them and put them in your backpack. This will increase the convenience of bicycles compared to previous means of transportation.

Besides, you can find bicycles appearing in many places on the map, for example in the vicinity of towns. In general, bicycles will become one of the optimal choices when moving into the safe zone. It makes no noise and helps you avoid the attention of other competitors.

The appearance of PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode will give you more options. Hopefully, through these PUBG guides, you will have more information about the game mode that is becoming a trend for PUBG Mobile players. At the same time, our tips and tricks are sure to come in handy for any type of player.

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