Pubg Mobile Halloweeks

Get ready to experience a new party in PUBG Mobile game and become any scary character that you want! You are joining in Halloweeks of the corresponding update which has already been introduced.



  • Halloween Vehicle Upgrade – Quickly engage in Halloween events if you want to obtain Trick Coupon Scraps and combine them to check out the Halloween Lucky Draw! Aside from that, you are able to deploy candies in PUBG Mobile pc to collect Halloween vehicle skins.
  • Halloween Weapon: Hellfire-Akm – You’d better eliminate your opponents so as to change them into scarecrows and bats.
  • Halloween Outfits – Several sets including Mummy, Skeleton, Count, and more coming soon.

All-New Night Mode

  • It has been added to PUBG Erangel map. Matches will be launched in daylight which turns into the night before being bright one more time. Try to make use of Night Vision Goggles to hunt down targets in the middle of the nighttime.

Another Tournament System

  • For Crew Leaders, they are allowed to register their group for challenges. You should show your abilities to reach the finals which give you lots of coins and honor.

Share for Deals

  • You can get your buddies to bargain and reduce the price of the object that you expect to own. Even, you can take it for free.

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