Getting the best K/D points in PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch mode will be easy if you equip yourself with some basic info, tips and tricks to outplay your enemies.

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch is one of the most-played game modes in any FPS games in general and PUBG Mobile in particular. The reason why this mode has become the most-picked is that not all gamers have free time for the common matches, even though the development team of PUBG put their efforts into drawing the attention of many gamers. This is why some other modes, such as Arcade and Team Deathmatch, are regarded to be the savior of the game. If you want to conquer all enemies as well as get the best K/D points, this PUBG Mobile guide on Team Deathmatch mode will bring you crucial information. Check it out!

Things to know about PUBG TDM to get the best score

Basic information about PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch (TDM)

The latest version 0.13.0 of PUBG Mobile has just been updated with a brand new mode called Team Deathmatch (TDM). This is one of the best PUBG Mobile news for most of the gamers to learn. TDM is known as a game mode with simple gameplay and it has 2 teams of 4 players each competing against each other. The point of the mode is to destroy all enemies and gain 40 points first. Due to that gameplay mechanism, players in this PUBG Mobile TDM can recover their health without using healing items like other common PUBG Mobile modes. After getting shot, players can revive themselves at a default place on the map. Also, within 5 seconds after the revival, the players will be invulnerable to bullets, which is a similar point to other FPS games.

Basic information about the Warehouse map in PUBG Mobile TDM

PUBG Mobile Warehouse map is kind of small compared to other maps in PUBG. Its terrain is almost symmetrical. Each team will start and revive on one side of the map and inside a building. Another cool thing about this map is that it provides players with a good amount of ammo and weapons that are positioned around the building. They can pick up their favorite ones easily. More than that, players will have a limited amount of time to become bulletproof after reviving.

PUBG Mobile Warehouse map in Team Deathmatch Mode
PUBG Mobile Warehouse map in Team Deathmatch Mode

You can see that there are containers and wagon trains outside the building. You can use them as a cover or climb on them. The gun M249 is placed in the middle of the area and it normally used as a decoy to lure other players.

Gameplay and general rules

Work with your squadmates to obtain the given number kills to win
Work with your squadmates to obtain the given number kills to win

As mentioned above, the gameplay of Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile is kind of simple to understand. Only two teams of four players have to fight one another. The first team that gains 40 kills will become the ultimate winning team.

Although this PUBG Mobile game mode is quite simple to understand, there is still a possibility for your team to lose if you don’t stick with each other and don’t have any plans or strategies to fight off the rival team.

Weapons and equipment

You can select any PUBG Mobile weapons you want to use when playing PUBG Mobile TDM. There are plenty of rifles on the side of the hut, together with a few small machine guns on the opposite. You can find some weapon attachments on the table, including magazine, grip, and scope.

Master PUBG guns and make use of them to defeat enemies
Master PUBG guns and make use of them to defeat enemies

Each player begins the game with level-2 armor and helmet. With this equipment, you can easily kill your enemies by giving them a headshot with an appropriate gun.

Useful PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for TDM

PUBG Mobile TDM has a quite fast pace and is a little bit chaotic. This means if you shouldn’t carelessly rush into an enemy or camp at the same place for a long time. You should make a slow movement and try to listen to the footsteps of your enemies at the same time.

If you have just got out of a battle without killing the enemy yet, you should move to another area instantly. It’s not good at all when you camp for too long at a place, which is not a good thing to do when playing this mode on the PUBG Mobile Warehouse map.

Aim and shoot enemies before they defeat you
Aim and shoot enemies before they defeat you

Be careful when you make an escape because it’s likely that you straightly enter an ambush of an enemy. The best thing you should do is to move to the closest edge and then come out slowly. Also, you should not reload too much because the enemy can come out of nowhere and take on you.

Know your “ups and downs”

Watch your surroundings and take cover in time
Watch your surroundings and take cover in time

When playing PUBG Mobile TDM, you should learn that your HP will recover slowly when you are outside of the battle. This means that if you survive, you will eventually come back to the battle with full blood. Therefore, if you have just got out of a battle and successfully withdrawn, you should escape to a place to recover your health.

Learn when to change your weapons

Use your chosen loadouts thoroughly to outplay opponents
Use your chosen loadouts thoroughly to outplay opponents

When it comes to PUBG Mobile weapons, there are many options for you. However, with this Team Deathmatch mode and a small map to play on, you should choose the weapons that you are most comfortable with and familiar with. You are recommended to pick 2x rather than 4x. This could be because of the small size of the map. It is unnecessary to use the 4x, while 2x is still much better, especially when you use low-recoil weapons. If you choose high-recoil weapons like AK47, then Red Dot will be more useful.

How to obtain M249

Do you want to know which weapon is one of the best ones in the PUBG game? The answer is M249! It has been considered to be an excellent weapon picked by most of the players. In PUBG Mobile TDM, you can make use of an M249 to kill your enemies and get at least 4-6 kills.

So, what can you do to obtain PUBG Mobile M249 in Team Deathmatch Mode? The best way to get this weapon is to sprint forward, camp and defeat anyone that wants it. When all of them are waiting for their revival, you can collect this weapon, get out of the area and prepare for the next fight.

Try the weapon M249 in PUBG Mobile Team Match for kills
Try the weapon M249 in PUBG Mobile Team Match for kills

Now, with all the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks and a piece of basic information about TDM mentioned above, you may have had a good grasp of how to get the best K/D points in PUBG Team Deathmatch Mode. Hopefully, this short PUBG Mobile guide brings you some new useful things and helps you understand more about the gameplay in TDM.

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