The Easter event brought to you by PUBG Mobile, has just begun a few days ago. Players of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile should get ready for this awesome event and challenge themselves if they can find two kinds of Easter eggs differentiated from their sizes and appearance. Players can employ these Easter eggs for obtaining crate coupons as well as apparels that can be changed for a new and better appearance.

New adventures and cosmetics from Easter event

The Easter event is proud to bring players a lot of brand new adventures and wonderful cosmetics. You have to use your earned UC if you want to purchase the new cosmetics. For your information, UC is regarded as the premium currency in PUBG mobile game.

New Adventures and Cosmetics From Easter
New Adventures and Cosmetics

Besides, a brand new extra synergy feature is also released in PUBG Mobile. It allows you to become a partner with your friends. For those who have 400 synergies or more than that, they will be able to become a partner with their friends, and they can easily show up in each other’s in-game spaces and rankings.

As previously mentioned, there are two kinds of Easter eggs you can find in PUBG Mobile, they are:

  • A small quirky egg
  • A Vibrant egg

For the first one, you can find in the spring draw menu attached in the recent update. Once you’re in the spring draw menu, the first egg can be found hiding behind some plants on your screen.

Egg Hunt in PUBG Mobile Easter

For the second one, it will be harder a bit to find it as it’s hidden within the game itself. This means you need to go discover the PUBG Mobile maps for finding the vibrant eggs. Never underestimate the value of those vibrant eggs, because they are all you need if you want to get free loots and crates. You have to use the eggs to exchange for those things. But it totally depends on how much you can seek in every match. If you manage to find 5 vibrant Easter eggs, you have a full right to get access to a crate that you can find under the events tab.

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