PUBG Mobile Arena Weapons help you master your shooting skills. Find out the top 3 guns you should use for your Arena matches in PUBG Mobile game now!

PUBG Mobile Arena Weapons are many and various. When it comes to Arena mode in PUBG Mobile, gamers tend to think about choosing their loadouts for their matches. There is a wide array of weapons for you to pick before starting a match. As you know, Arena training mode is also a famous game mode for players to master. Since the classic matchmaking matches take too much time, Arena will be a perfect replacement that helps keep you entertained if your leisure time on the game is limited.

Weapons in PUBG Mobile come in different types. Therefore, it is good for you to learn their stats, characteristics, pros, and cons before choosing them. For your Arena matches, below here is the guide on the top 3 guns you should pick to outplay your opponents.

About PUBG Mobile Arena Training Mode

Arena training mode in PUBG Mobile brings challenging matches to players! By playing these matches, players can improve their shooting skills in the game, and more importantly, they will learn about the characteristics of guns and know which guns are strong, which guns are weak!

In arena training matches, you can better your aim and accuracy. Also, this is a chance for you to polish your close-ranged skills. The arena mode allows you to use various PUBG weapons, from assault rifles, SMGs, to sniper rifles. They are unlockable in this mode! There are three best guns you are recommended to use in your arena training matches!

3 best guns for you to use in arena training matches in PUBG Mobile

1. Beryl M762

Beryl M762 is the top gun for your matches in PUBG Mobile arena training mode

When it comes to close-range battles, players should use a Beryl M762! It is one of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile for this type of battle. It features a decent fire rate and good damage per hit. When you are in a close-range battle in the arena training match, you should use a Beryl M762 to shoot other enemies. The gun dishes out 46 damage through every hit, meaning it will take 4-5 body shots to defeat an enemy.

Beryl M762 XT is an upgraded edition of Beryl M762 and it has been introduced to the arena training matches through PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0. This edition features low recoil and more balanced hit fire to make it easier to use during 1v1 fights. You can add a muzzle, grip, and magazine to Beryl M762 so it can have better performance and stability.

2. Vector

Vector is the second good weapon choice for your PUBG Mobile arena training matches

There is no denying that Vector is a strong SMG in PUBG Mobile. You should also use this gun for your matches in the arena training mode. Vector utilizes 9mm ammunition and it goes with a maximum of 33 bullets per round. The gun is also one of the best weapons with the fastest fire rates. Nevertheless, its damage per shot is less than other assault rifles in PUBG Mobile arena training matches. But, this can be compensated by its high fire rate. Vector is a weapon that accepts some attachments, like a muzzle, grip, magazine, and stock so it can have increased stability.

3. Kar98k

Kar98k is one of the best sniper rifles chosen by most of the players in PUBG Mobile arena training matches

When it comes to sniper rifles, Kar98k should be mentioned! It is known as a perfect sniper rifle with great damage in PUBG Mobile free download. When you use the Kar98k, you can easily get a “one hit one kill” result. This means you can defeat any enemy with just one shot in an arena match, but make sure you have a good aim for that. The damage of Kar98k has been increased in arena training matches in some recent PUBG Mobile updates. You need to have accurate crosshair placement skills if you want to defeat an enemy in your match. Since it is a sniper rifle, you have to shoot enemies from afar using the weapon, and you get only one chance to defeat them!

That’s all for the best weapons in PUBG Mobile arena training matches that players should use for good results. Among those weapons mentioned above, Beryl M762, Vector, and Kar98k, which one is your favorite? You can try using them in your arena training matches to have a chance to defeat your enemies!

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