PUBG Mobile 1.3 has released its update version with many attractive experiences. Players are no longer bored with this familiar battle royale genre anymore.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update has officially been released to give players a better gaming experience. To celebrate the 3 years since PUBG Mobile was born, the developer has brought to fans this new improved version. Fortunately, the server won’t be made offline for this update. However, players will not be able to team up in different versions. So they will have to update the new version as soon as possible. This update requires 640 MB of storage space on the Android device and iOS version requires 1.55 GB. For more detailed information about new features and improvements in the game, check out the article below.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 new features in the update version

Hundred Rhythms Mode

Hundred Rhythms was present at Erangel. Start the electronic music party at the festival. There, Music Armband grants 3 special skills. Choose a skill that best suits you, then upgrade your skills by collecting scattered cassettes and dominate the battlefield. To experience this exclusive game mode, choose Erangel in the map selection screen.

Hundred Rhythms is one of the most prominent changes of PUBG Mobile 1.3 update.
Hundred Rhythms is one of the most prominent changes of PUBG Mobile 1.3 update.


Before starting, the game will ask players to choose a skill that will appear on Spawn Island. The player will need to choose one of the three: Guardian Armband, Recon Armband, or Camouflage Armband, then start the match.

Choose one of the three skills before starting the game.
Choose one of the three skills before starting the game.

Players will receive all 3 skills after choosing a skill. The first skill is an active skill that provides the player with a powerful fighting ability. The other two skills are more passive skills that grant the player buffs. Players will only need one core skill to start the match and then will need to get cassettes to unlock passive skills.

The first skill is necessary for the player to unlock the other 2 skills.
The first skill is necessary for the player to unlock the other 2 skills.

In each game of PUBG Mobile 1.3, three electronic music squares will appear on Erangel. Among them, one always appears on Spawn Island. And the remaining two will appear in random locations. Let’s explore the electronic music festival playing dance music right now.

Armband Abilities

There are 3 types of Armbands in the game, each with a different function:

Guardian Armband
  • Music Barrier – When the player uses this skill, it activates a device that creates a semi-transparent column-shaped barrier that reduces damage from bullets.
  • Music Transition – This skill has the function of activating an interactive feature for the bounded generator. Using this feature players can disable the barrier and recover the Energy of allies in any range.
  • Pop Metal – This skill allows players and their allies to reduce reload times when they are inside the barrier.
Recon Armband
  • Sonic Scan – This is a skill that helps players scan and mark enemies by throwing the scanning device forward.
  • Encore – Using this skill, players will recover Health after knocking out marked enemies.
  • Sound Burst – When an enemy is marked, the player’s ammo will carry an electrical charge that deals damage over time to the hit of the enemy.
Camouflage Armband
  • Invisibility – This is a skill that helps the player’s outfit change to the Ghillie Suit for a period of time. Weapons and backpacks on the player’s back will also become invisible during this phase.
  • Surveillance – If there are any enemies near your area, a UI tip will appear on the screen.
  • Breathing Easy – If the player has not been injured recently, this kind of skill will help the player gradually recover Health.

Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay

This is the content that will officially appear at PUBG Mobile 1.3 on March 31st. The clowns have arrived at Anniversary Celebration Square and they are drawing graffiti everywhere. In addition, a Clown Shop vehicle is also present in the Erangel. Players can get Clown Tokens and purchase them for items such as regular combat supplies or special strategy items in the Clown Shop Vehicle.

For Strategic Items, players can collect and purchase Clown Tokens for strategic items. They can be the information about the next Playzone, the next airdrop, enemy density across the map and so on. Players can find these items in the Clown Shop Vehicle.

Additionally, a Music Graffiti Wall will appear next to the Graffiti Square at Spawn Island in the Erangel Classic Mode. Players can use spray paint on the Graffiti Music Wall, which activates musical notes to play when paint is sprayed onto the squares. Each square in the game will represent different notes of the same melody. Spray paint as many squares to activate more notes.

Metro Royale: Uncover

The Metro Royale: Uncover will be available in the game after the update. At the beginning of a new chapter, your honor, rank, and inventory in Metro Royale will be reset to keep with our Section tradition

The developers will add new rewards in the Newest Chapter. You can accumulate Honor to get AG, permanent finishes, and other cool rewards! Besides, your enemies in battle will also be more elite. This requires you to pay attention to broadcasts and marks on the map. If you defeat the enemy, you will receive a great reward.

In addition, PUBG New State has other improvements to the map. After you update the version, Power Armor mode will be available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (UTC +0)

Firearm: Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle

Mosin-Nagant is a 7.62mm sniper rifle with the same damage power as the Kar98K. Its bullets also fly faster and have less damage drop-off. So the player can use Mosin-Nagant to take down an unarmed enemy with just one shot from afar. In this PUBG Mobile version, Mosin-Nagant will appear on Erangel and Vikendi to replace some Kar98K rifles.

Vehicle – Motor Glider

Motor Gliders are also one of the PUBG patch notes that you can find in Erangel and Miramar. However, they will only appear randomly on these two maps. Basically, the Motor Glider is a vehicle for 2 people including the pilot’s front seat and the rear seat so that passengers can shoot enemies from there. To use this motor, the player must press the lift button to take off after the Motor Glider reaches full speed. In addition, this is a vehicle that has the fuel consumption directly related to engine speed. Therefore, the faster the vehicle is controlled, the more fuel will be consumed. Players should pay attention to refill the Motor Glider’s tank before using this vehicle to fight.

Motor Gliders are special vehicles that can only be found in Erangel and Miramar.
Motor Gliders are special vehicles that can only be found in Erangel and Miramar.

All improvements in the PUBG Mobile latest update

Basic Performance Improvements

  • Reduce rendering loss by improving the in-battle terrain rendering logic for low-end devices.
  • Reduce rendering loss when the camera moves by improving the in-battle selection of terrain-blocking objects for low-end devices.
  • Significantly improve the overall in-battle UI update logic to save UI update time.
  • Reduce lag triggered for players after jumping out from the plane.
  • Make the game run more smoothly by reducing the rendering loss of general resources, such as the sky and the sea.
  • Resolve a problem that caused the game to crash when MSAA and HDR were both enabled on a device using iOS 14.3.
  • Free up more space by improving the deletion of infrequently-used local resources.
  • Resolve a problem where a half-downloaded resource needed to be fully downloaded before it could be deleted.

Security Improvements

  • Make it easier for users to make judgments by improving the Video Review conversion process’s accuracy and display of ballistics and vehicles.
  • Identify and filter suspicious behavior in the game by adding several machine learning algorithms.
  • Ensure the security of tournaments and high-tier matches by continuing to increase the number of manual review team members.
  • Ensure secure and stable game operations by continuing to strengthen the game’s defense against DDoS attacks and expand the coverage of defense measures.

Basic Experience Improvements

  • Quick Sensitivity Adjustment: Players can now quickly adjust sensitivity in the Training Grounds by opening a UI option.
  • Hide Helmets in Matches: In Lobby Inventory display settings, the developer added a feature to allow players to hide helmets in matches. However, this only hides helmets from the player’s own view, still visible to other players.
  • Mk14 Sound Improvement: Improve the performance of its firing sounds by updating the audio resources of the Mk14.
  • Camera Tilting Fix: Tilt when scoping in the Training Grounds or Cheer Park by resolving an issue that sometimes caused the camera.
  • Graphics Rendering Improvements: Resolved a rendering bug that caused the terrain in the distance to float in the air when players use a scope. Fixed an issue caused by a handful of players reporting that items suddenly appeared or disappeared in some scenes.

Other System Improvements

There are also New Achievements, a Message Manager Feature, PUBG Mobile Music, Gifting in Space and Dynamic Graffiti that allow players to enjoy the most enjoyable and impressive experiences.

Royale Pass Season 18: HUNDRED RHYTHMS in PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update

PUBG Mobile 1.3 will have a 3rd Anniversary music theme screen and rewards. Accordingly, players can choose a ranking reward twice as they progress in Royale Pass. Besides, some special guests will also appear after the anniversary party begins. In addition to ending the AUG, players can also choose between 2 advanced sets at 1st and 50th. At 100th, players can get the Violin Music Set and the mysterious Kar98K Finish.

In addition, an adventure event will begin with music. Adventure Vouchers are available in free ranking rewards so players can use them redeem 1 of 2 sets twice on the event page.

The RP Activity Pack event begins in the new season: Gain RP ranks as fast as possible and collect Mission Activity Points by purchasing the RP Activity Pack.

Improve players’ experiences by fixing other bugs affecting missions and other content.

Anniversary Celebration Music Festival: the New Cheer Park Theme

The square where players appeared on Cheer Park has now become a DJ electronic music square with a DJ stage, music arcade machine, and a tech launcher. Accordingly, after the Celebration begins, new DJ songs, classic old songs, PUBG MOBILE theme song and BP electronic music song will be randomly played in the game.

The PUBG Mobile 1.3 Melee Weapon Display Feature

Players can now choose to display guns and melee weapons simultaneously in the Hall. Accordingly, the current selected weapon will be used by the character and the previous weapon will be on the character’s back.

Handguns and melee weapons displayed by players in their Lobby can be used in Spawn Island. This happens if the following conditions are met:

  • When players board the plane, all the firearms and melee weapons they own on Spawn Island will be removed.
  • For Guns: players need to equip guns that have completed Legend or above. However, this does not apply to upgradable rare guns that can also be carried.
  • For melee Weapons: Requires Epic or above Finish.

All-Talent Championship for the update version of PUBG Mobile 1.3

Like the PUBG Mobile 1.1 update and PUBG Mobile 1.2, the 1.3 version also has some competitions held to find out the talents and honor the champions. The All-Talent Championship in PUBG Mobile 1.3 includes three phases: Weekly Matches, Semi-Finals and the Finals. The weekly matches are from week 1 to week 4. The Semi-Finals take place in week 3 and week 5. And the Finals are held on week 6.

Accordingly, players can directly participate in Weekly Matches, with a minimum rank of Silver V. In addition, the minimum class requirement for the Semi-Final Round is Gold V and the minimum rank requirement for the Final Round is Platinum V.

When participating in Weekly Matches, teams can receive points from their best 6 total. Accordingly, the top 50 teams will enter the Semi-Finals and compete with each other to find the two teams that will go to the Final Round.

Next, the teams that progress to the Final Round will have to play 4 consecutive matches. Their total score after these 4 matches will determine their ranking and find out which team will receive the reward.

How to calculate points in All-Talent Championship

The scoring rules for matches are as follows:

All-Talent Championship points are calculated by teams and not scored by each player in the team.

Total score for each match = Elimination score + Ranking score.

Beside, to facilitate the competition, teams can participate in multiple matches weekly. However, if a team is eligible for advance, they will not continuously rank up or receive additional advancement rewards. The advancement points will be filled by other teams based on the leaderboards.

That is all the information we have gathered about the new features and improvements in PUBG Mobile latest update. To get this new version of PUBG, please refer to the articles about PUBG Mobile 1.3 download. Wish you had a happy experience in this game!

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