PUBG Mobile 1.2 APK download is now simply with our ultimate step-by-step guide. The APK+OBB for new global game is must for PUBG fans of Extreme Hunt Mode

PUBG Mobile 1.2 APK download are no more challenges if you’ve seen our instructions. If you still remember, the PUBG mobile 1.1 with update mode has been out for just a month. But the better version – 1.2 beta is already on the shelf.

The new gameplay promises extra adventurous combat with enhanced Extreme Hunt Mode and twice respawns for each player.

Before getting into the global game, we suggest you scroll out tips and facts about the new version and get the trial game files first. Let’s practice your skills a while with the APK+OBB file so you can perform impressively in the real game. 

PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes
PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes

Easy steps to get PUBG Mobile 1.2 APK download with newest features

Apk files will be enough for you to get the game. Only for PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta, the OBB files are no need. Fans can get the apk files for 1.2 beta easily here, but before you click on download, your device must have enough 625MB space for the upcoming file.

We stick a tiny note here. This guide is only for Android devices and other operating systems will follow other instructions.

After getting the file, you can start the installation. Because it’s apk, you must order the device to accept unknown sources’ file to install. If you’ve done it before and enabled it in the Safety and Privacy section, this request may not pop up.

Click install when after the permit and let the system run until the end of the process. When the in-game patches finish, you can open the PUBG mobile and login into the game. The course will ask for an invitation code so prepare your code.

Easy-peasy! Now the game is ready for you to rail. Those newest features are available in the files, including Extreme Hunt Mode, Exoskeleton, and Dragon Breath Grenade.

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