PUBG Maps stem from various locations. They are playable areas with different terrains and looting locations. Let’s explore all these maps now!

PUBG PC Features 5 Maps Stemming From Different Regions In The World

PUBG Maps are known as the main battlegrounds where players have to fight one another. The maps come in many types of terrain, ranging from hill, mountain, grass, desert, to snow. Besides, their sizes vary, for instance, 2×2 km, 4×4 km, 6×6 km, and 8×8 km. Normally, it takes around 6 – 9 months for the devs to create one map from scratch.

At the moment, there are five maps in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), for instance, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. Each of them represents a different region in the world:

  • Erangel is based on the region of Russia
  • Miramar is the desert map from South America
  • Sanhok stems from the area of Asia
  • Vikendi is the map based on the region of Europe
  • Karakin is made based on the area of Africa

Those are the five main playable areas in PUBG PC. Hence, you need to choose one before you start a match. Within these areas, players can visit many places with different landscapes to pick up items, supplies, as well as gear. A red zone spawns randomly onto some areas, thus minding it is a must. Besides, a blue zone periodically shrinks the playable area, forcing players to run into the safe zone to avoid taking damage. Below here are the images of PUBG Maps, so let’s take a look at them!

Erangel – one of the most chosen PUBG Maps

Erangel is the first playable map with an area of 8km x 8km. Due to its large area, players should make landing locations first to quickly loot items as well as plan strategies to maximize their survival. So, where should you land for good loot in Erangel map? Here are three recommended loot places:

  • Mylta Power
  • School
  • Sosnovka Military Base

Miramar – a desert map with ancient areas to explore

Miramar is a desert map with ancient buildings and sandy terrain. The map is shaped on an 8km x 8km grid. Players will have enough time to plan strategies to fight one another. Here are the locations you should come to loot items:

  • Pecado
  • Campo Militar
  • Prison

Sanhok – a map stemming from Asia

Sanhok is a map that is smaller than the two aforementioned PUBG maps, with only an area of 4km x 4km. PUBG Sanhok brings a fast-paced battle and it also offers good loot. Go to these following locations to pick up items:

  • Bootcamp
  • Ruins
  • Camp Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie

Vikendi – one of the most interesting PUBG maps with snow-covered terrain

The snow-covered Vikendi has an area of 6km x 6km, which makes it a medium-huge map in PUBG. Although it is larger than Sanhok a bit, it is still smaller than PUBG Erangel and Miramar. There are some locations that players should visit for good loot in Vikendi:

  • Cosomodrome
  • Hot Springs
  • Cement Factory
  • Port
  • Abbey
  • Dino Park

Karakin – the map that has just been released recently

Karakin Map

Karakin is the newest map that has been introduced in PUBG game. It comes with the smallest size of all maps. Similar to Miramar, Karakin is also a desert map. However, it does not have a high weapon spawn rate. Therefore, players have to make use of any weapons or items they have picked up in buildings. Here are looting locations in PUBG Karakin, so check them out now:

  • Cargo Ship
  • Al Habar
  • Al Hayik
  • Bashara
  • Hadiqa Nemo
  • Bahr Sahir

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