PUBG Hot Drop survival guide is essential when you jump into a Hot Drop area. These guides help you last battle time and not get back into the hall too fast

PUBG Hot Drop survival guide is a topic that is very noticeable especially for beginners. While many players often choose to drop into this area to practice their skills, many new players are often terrified when it comes to this. If they are not careful they will finish the game faster than the rest of the other area.

What is a Hot Drop?

There are safe drops for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamers but also many Hot Drops. Hot Drop is a very popular term in the Battle Royale game genre, specifically PUBG (PC-Mobile). This word refers to hot places and areas where many houses, buildings … with a multitude of valuable items. That’s why this is the place many gamers choose to drop. These areas will help them practice their skills as well as save time loot. However, PUBG Hot Drop will be an extremely dangerous place for beginners to play. If they are not familiar with the fast pace of the match they will have to easily die in this place. So this is a risky choice even though it contains a lot of resources.

The Hot Drop areas in PUBG game are usually School, Hacienda del Patrón, Bootcamp, Paradise Resort (Sanhok), Pochinki (Erangel), Pecardo (Mirama)… If a new player falls in these places, they might be sent back to the hall soon. Especially when facing good players, the chances of survival are extremely low. However, don’t worry too much as we have listed a lot of ways to deal with this. Let’s find out through the article below!

Del Patron, one of the most popular Hot Drops in PUBG
Del Patron, one of the most popular Hot Drops in PUBG

PUBG Hot Drop survival guide that can be used in PUBG

If you accidentally fall right into the Hot Drop area, how to survive and win a Battle Royale? The following PUBG survival guide will help you get the hang of Hot Drop no matter if it’s in a PUBG game or any other Battle Royale game.

Jump as fast as you can

If you choose Hot Drop as your landing point, fast skydiving will be the first and most basic lesson in this Battle Royale game. Try to skydive as quickly as possible because this will give you more time to find items and guns for combat. The best location is the high roofs because this will help you parachute faster and limit the range of other enemies. Usually on the roof will have guns so you can quickly equip yourself with weapons. Here are specific PUBG Hot Drop survival guide for getting to the ground quickly:

When you are about 1200m or more from the jump area, get off the plane. Remember to hold down the “Shift” to point your head to the ground when 350m to 400m from the destination.

If the plane is moving less than 1200m from the area, hold “Shift” to turn on the parachute while it’s 150m.

One point to note when looking at the map is that each large plot appears on the map is equivalent to 1km, while the small plot will be 100m. This helps you estimate the time when you should turn on the parachute to land.

A quick landing will help increase your chances of survival
A quick landing will help increase your chances of survival

However, there will be some cases when you land early but the response area does not have any guns. This depends on how lucky you are. If you can’t find a gun, don’t worry too much, move to another location to find it.

Choose the right weapon and loot quickly

Choose a right weapon in Hot Drop area

When you first land, you will not be able to find yourself a good gun. However, do not ignore the other weapons around. Weaker weapons, if you know how to choose and use them, will also promote their abilities well. Use these weapons to gain an upper hand over your opponents. Here are some of the guns in PUBG and its basic characteristics that you need to know:

Melee weapons

There are 4 types of melee weapons in PUBG up to now, they are Machete, scythe (Sickle), crowbar (crowbar), and pan “god” (Pan). . If you are struggling to find yourself a gun to fight, a melee weapon is not a bad choice. These weapons will help you a lot in defeating the enemy. Among the four weapons mentioned above, the pan has the highest damage. The remaining types have equal damage. Besides that, the pan will be a useful weapon for the back shield because it can block any type of bullets that come.


Pistols are also one of the next “fire” measures, with the same use as melee weapons. During the first 5 minutes of a match, the pistols are able to exert their effects. However, this is only a temporary alternative and you need to equip yourself with better guns in later stages.


If you want to sweep other opponents, Shotgun will be a reasonable choice thanks to great damage. However, Shotgun has a low rate of fire. Therefore, you should combine rhythmically between shooting, hiding and replacing bullets that are not targeted by the enemy.

Submachine gun (SMG)

SMG is a weapon with a close range but very effective. One of the great advantages of SMG is that this gun holds a lot of ammunition. Besides, the fast rate of fire makes the shot time between 2 shots extremely short. Submachine gun also attaches many accessories and is used by many players as the main weapon.

Assault Rifles

This gun is also known as AR. This is a very popular gun for PUBG players. As a medium-long-range weapon, AR can hold a large amount of ammo with a high rate of fire and accuracy. This gun only loses to Sniper Rifles!

Sniper Rifles

This is the most powerful gun and is considered the “lord” in most guns that tend to power and range. If you own this gun, you can take advantage of its power to win the Top 1. However, to use it well, you need a lot of skills because this gun has a low rate of fire and a quantity of little bullets. So not always Sniper Rifles is a good choice.

How to loot quickly in PUBG Hot Drop

In crowded areas, fast loot skill is a key factor for survival. Try to loot quickly to get ready to step into fiery gun battles.

However, to speed up the loot you need a lot of skills. Some ways to loot fast include loot in hot locations such as PUBG Hot Drop, using an in-game vehicle, loot in the surrounding small houses and arranging a backpack properly. This takes a lot of skill so you will be the one to improve your loot ability.

Choose where to hide and move smartly

Choose for yourself high hiding places to observe everything around and control the situation. Besides, parachuting in crowded areas is the best way for you to find dead corners, refer to the movement strategies of other players. From there, you will find a safe place for yourself to camp your opponent in all situations. In addition, don’t forget to change your move strategy if you don’t want others to capture your strategy.

Listen carefully

Turn on the game sound to hear the enemy gunshots, footsteps. That way you can judge their position and know what to do next. From there, giving a safe and suitable way of moving.

Be assertive

From the information you have gathered through listening and observing, decide on your next strategy. This decision may be wrong, but don’t be afraid to try it because no one is expecting anything. Better to be knocked down and reload the game than angring for delaying yourself.

Flexible in combat in PUBG Hot Drop

The instructions or exercises that you refer to on the webs are only partially helpful. With a survival game like PUBG, flexibility is essential. Especially in places where many confrontations like PUBG Hot Drop are concentrated, be flexible in how to fight. Taking a sudden action can surprise the enemy in time. Besides, you should know when to hide, when to jump into a fight. Do not be foolish to fight when there is a conflict because you can be a new target for the enemy or fall in the sights of a sniper. Wait while everything is quiet, watch carefully and leave.

Besides, you always have to prepare a spirit of steel and always be calm in all situations. Nervousness and anxiety won’t help you win this game.

Those are a few ways you can apply when you fall into a Hot Drop area. Remember that this PUBG Hot Drop survival guide are only relatively effective. You also need to learn and improve a lot of skills. Have a great time playing PUBG!

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