PUBG Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor will provide you the full stats for PC and console players on both Android and iOS platforms. Check out charts now!

Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor

BattleMentor is a superb stats tracker for those who engage in PUBG pc game. It will bring back the complete list of statistics for PC and Console players on two current mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

We have had one application created by one PUBG API community developer. These apps choose the official PUBG API, a free service that you are able to dig deeper into information or just view the community’s featured applications by accessing Featured Apps. The team also did a post about an Android application. However, they did not fail to remember participants in PUBG pc download free, who are searching for stats on their iOS devices. So, BattleMentor has been released to show stats for PC and console characters on both parties.


It is simple to begin BattleMentor! Tap on the top-left menu icon on the screen and select the platform along with the season that may want to test.

Not only that, you are allowed to interact with the top of the app to look for somebody from PUBG pc download that you would like to know their progress.

The menu will pop up and display several options: “Stats” (season stats), “Matches”, and “Compare”. You can tap on “Stats” to move to season stats for all game modes. Besides, you do not forget to switch on or off between FPP and TPP with a single tap.

The menu of BattleMentor in PUBG

Touch the mode of PUBG steam to check comparison of the present season and the last one. The chart will contain points, rounds, kills, K/D, average damage, and wins.

Stats of your Solo matches in PUBG

In case you feel more excited about comparing people rather than seasons, you can tap on the “Compare” button from the menu. The same info for what you love will appear and they are available for you to estimate or note the similarity or dissimilarity of anybody on a platform. You can enter the name for each person in PUBG ps4 game with “Compare”. You will have the chance to visit charts that measure them for the season.

The comparison between types of plays in PUBG
The comparison table shows important elements like ranked points, rounds, kills, and K/D

Exploring Matches with BattleMentor

When you tap on “Matches”, you will get a list of the recent battles from PUBG mobile game, which consist of your rank, kills, damage, map, and so on.

PUBG BattleMentor shows the results of matches you have played

Decide on a match to watch the “Events” that your character was joined. Events in PUBG will go with the time you caused damage or destroyed your opponents and vice versa. Each of them will hide the period that it happened, the damage done (and to which body parts), with the weapon that was deployed.

Detailed results of PUBG events you have joined

BattleMentor for PUBG game even progresses further by pointing out where the event occurred. To know connected player’s locations, you can tap on an event.

BattleMentor shows the locations where events have taken place

To collect more information about other competitors in PUBG pc game, tap the table above “Events. A complete list of kills, assists, dBNOs, damage, and rank will crop up. Tap on anyone to scan their events.

You can check all elements for the events you have joined

Upcoming Features for BattleMentor

The creator of BattleMentor revealed that there were lots of exciting additions that would be introduced to everybody in PUBG steam. The future will keep the lifetime stats with weapon ones and numerous other charts. So, you can expect to catch squad analytics soon. That can be helpful to learn much more about the best marksman or survivalist in your group. There will be a feature to track tournaments in the early stages of development.


BattleMentor and featured applications take the official PUBG API to assemble post-match game data. They are fantastic applications which are built by the PUBG community. If you’re interested in setting up your own app by using that free service, you can embark on your job with the Developer Portal.

Good luck!

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