A letter of rustle/rattle sounds positive changes from PUBG dev team

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is one of the most popular Battle Royale games until now. Since the day it is launched, there are plenty of releases to refine numerous items and fix issues. We will mention a new developers’ letter which revolves around the improvement that they worked to upgrade rustle or rattle sounds which made players in PUBG uncomfortable. Amongst current updates to gameplay balance of PUBG PC that developers published in the newest patch 27, they generated an enhancement to the sounds produced by somebody’s movement, which is regarded as something crucial for gameplay. So as to offer detailed information on the rustle or rattle advance, you can take a look at the explanation and a few Before & After examples from now on.

The previous movement sounds from PUBG users

Before constantly improving realistic factors in PUBG PC Download, the dev team has lately concentrated on the sounds which come from the motion of participants. Formerly, these people would send a fixed amount of Rustle/Rattle sounds when they were running at a high speed by pressing the Shift key, and with nothing equipped. The following video will show you a good instance of that.

After watching the complete clip, you can realize that the player in PUBG PC was still generating rustling noises in the early stage even before they collect any object. As well, there were some situations in which sounds were not being released while they were wandering on foot or walking slowly.

If you’d like to see the simulation for those cases clearly, you can check out the modification of the developer to make sounds more natural whilst they were exerting themselves not to rearrange gameplay. Differences are from players’ feedback and their analysis from a hotfix last week.

Upgraded movement sounds in PUBG PC

We will have a general development for Rustle/Rattle sounds in PUBG PC Download Free here.

  • Only weapons (not including Pistols) together with backpacks can give out rustle or rattle sounds. Pistols with melee gear will not do that.
  • Rustling or rattling sounds will be set at the highest volume when you are sprinting. When you are running in the usual way, it will activate them at a lower level. Even, the foes or somebody cannot hear them if you are strolling without hurrying or crawling across PUBG Steam
  • The whole audible range of them is not as high as footstep ones.

To strongly polish amelioration with conditions above, some videos have been finished.

You without any primary tool will not be able to build rustle or rattle sounds.

  • To weapons in PUBG PS4, there will be a dissimilar sound when equipping one of them on your back and wielding another. Holding is louder.

  • Amended what emitted from wearing a backpack

  • All three sounds in PUBG Mobile PC will be formed at a time if you are holding a gun, wearing a secondary one, and carrying a backpack.

As told earlier, the objective is to subtly influence sounds and make them more sensible. The refinement is active in Update 27.

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