Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

Here is one of the newest information about PUBG or the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game! We will recount you a few changes and the objective of the Loot Rebalance for the Erangel.

Dear survivors,

Two years ago, the development team presented with every player in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the first map called Erangel. To plenty of people, it was the initial place that they could drop and explore lots of thrilling encounters based on the cool Battle Royale style. Erangel is actually regarded as the earliest playfield experience. Since that period, the developers have persisted in a process to advance their PUBG pc game and publish new maps. Unfortunately, that evolution causes Erangel to get trapped somewhere between the core PUBG pc download gaming involving and slightly outmoded. However, it is found and the dev team has been constantly gathering and looking over every feedback from users, specifically for problems related to looting and spawning rates. After careful thought of those issues, they have finally determined to improve Erangel. Their efforts bring back a better Erangel to PUBG pc with the visual and tactical fidelity. But, they still preserve the magic and nostalgia which contributed to making Erangel and PUBG pc download free become famous. Furthermore, PUBG can dominate the top spot. Obviously, it is not a simple mission. Nevertheless, it is the exact reason that developers would like to upgrade and test it alongside their participants.

That project for PUBG steam gives out a difficult requirement which asks for many months and lots of endeavor for the dev team to fulfill it in several phases. During the campaign, they will continuously launch pieces of the entire remaster program for testing and feedback as they finish their job and activate improvements. For the opening stage in such a huge change for PUBG, they will basically be resetting Loot & Spawn rates on Erangel, which are arranged to be used in the next test server. At present, they may want to split the direction and the intention of those actions to steal goods.

Before start,

As mentioned above, any similar plan reserved for PUBG pc download or any title will need more time, checking, and repetition. They hope to show that none of those steps triggered for public testing is reviewed thoroughly as the final fragment until they are deployed to live servers. To every test or impressions, leaks, and data mining on PUBG mobile pc game, they must be implemented in the context that they are one section of an enigma. Each experiment will be completed by the player feedback and the internal data. Therefore, it’s best to draw attention to official communications on the status of Erangel tryout.

Stuff Spawn Rates on Erangel

The main aim of Item Spawn Rates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is to stabilize the chaos of seeking the chance to survive in hazardous situations with the joy of getting weapons that you will utilize. To build on that portion of the target, the Spawn System in PUBG pc download free is wholly unplanned. Moreover, it will take from a master table that scatters the loot dissimilarly every single round. Erangel is created to be extremely unsystematic with a lower spawn rate.

After Erangel, there are also some other maps released in PUBG. Not only that, play patterns are changed and they develop from the beginning days of PUBG. It results in Erangel’s legacy loot system growing much more remarkable. Along with the feedback from the community, the developer worked hard to resolve that trouble.

As you can recognize from the following graph, the spawn rate on the leadoff map of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been increased between Early Access and Currently. In April of 2018, even after the update not to comprise clothing objects from the battlefield, they have added others and attachments to PUBG pc download to boost up the spawn rates. But, because of the trends, they began to mull over much more serious changes.

Here is Y-Axis Indicates Total Spawn Quantity!

A connection between Spawn & Acquisition Rates

They studied item pick-up experience tests in PUBG pc with skilled teams in Esports Mode so as to see if they could figure out any solution for the Balance Issue by modifying the Spawn Rate. They considered that carrying about the test in that room instead of the Normal Mode would be much more useful to detect the influence of Spawn Rate resets since Esports Mode has stronger settings.

Here are the images to illustrate that!

Loot Areas of Test (left) / Total Loot Items and Expected Value (right)

Detailed Data of Loot Efficiency

The phase consisted of 15 locations and conducted the outcome of loot. In general, the developer of PUBG pc download game wished to discern which percentage of artifacts was collected vs. being abandoned behind. The real rate was approximately 67.85%. So, around 33% of the materials appeared were not essential or repeated. In addition, there is a place that only has an efficiency of 19.7%.

The trial allowed them to know that they’d better enhance the value of everything that you could scavenge in PUBG ps4 game and the balance loot in regions in which players were not searching for good power-ups compared to the significance and the scale of the zone that these competitors stayed in. The dev team of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds assessed the loot without choosing the popularity of contrasting territories.

As well, they evaluated every kind that you can take in the major districts on PUBG, pinpointed features of each and surveyed your preferred game styles. 

There was a contrast in the acquisition rate for areas on Erangel and they made up their mind that they should keep the loot in a steady condition so they were thrown throughout the battleground.

The purpose of Erangel Loot Balance

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Sanhok is a primary comparison map if discussing the spawn rate of Erangel, and is described as a smaller scale, with tons of collectibles, and intense encounters at high speed.

Many survivors in PUBG pc wanted to the same feeling and a great loot balance as they were joining Erangel. According to the date revolved around that comparison, it indicates that ARs are 4.75%, DMRs 0.69%, and SRs 0.26% on Sanhok. Meanwhile, there are 2%, 0.48%, and 0.12% on Erangel. You can see that the AR and SR rates in Erangel are really low, particularly regarding the size distinction of the realm. The team believed that Erangel represented the original contact as the spawn rate of cartridges, basic guns, and grenades were significant whilst the spawn rate of main artifacts is not high on Erangel.

Here is the chart Current Erangel/ Sanhok Spawn Rate by Item Category!

To the forthcoming PUBG update pc, they will alter the spawn rate of Erangel more, for example, lessening the number of pistols, magazines, and throwables while rising up weapons and gear that are crucial in the gameplay by 10-20%. Further, they will make the number of objects spawns by the corresponding sort to a ratio like that of Sanhok. Everything that the developer manages will prevent everyone from a misunderstanding that Erangel is a bigger Sanhok.

Coming Plans

As noticed, the spawn rate balance in PUBG pc download cannot set right the Erangel issue. Thus, a variety of elements will be tuned as the test continues. For instance, if that accreted spawn rate extends the distribution of early match, the middle stage of PUBG will be able to hurt because of fewer people in a wide protected area. Naturally, they will always follow how playing time and playing style are influenced so they can fix promptly.

Note! It is a private project at PUBG pc download free. Their objective is to offer the best realistic Battle Royale game. Making another master of the map is their suggestion to that job. Do not forget to send them your comments!

Thanks for reading!

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