Custom Match – Esports Mode

  • In PUBG game, Esports mode is a type of the custom match that can be created.
  • Similar to the other modes, a minimum of 10 competitors is needed to begin the battle. You should check the following details now.

Create Match – Esports Mode

Create Match - Esports Mode

  • It is essential to set your own custom match to Public or Private.
  • You can pick out the basic preset option.
  • The server will immediately default to the present region.

Esports Mode – Basic Settings

Esports Mode - Basic Settings


  • Input a session name
  • Build a custom match to Public or Private
  • Choose an appropriate server before playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Game presets (recently not active but will be upgraded in the near future)
  • Decide on a map
  • Opt for a perspective
  • Alter the number of participants
  • Modify the players on each team
  • Single out weather conditions

Esports Mode – Rule Settings

Esports Mode - Rule Settings

  • Down but not out settings
  • Restrict the revive time for fallen friends
  • Establish damage for killed guys
  • Set friendly fire damage
  • Do not ignore settings for the speed of the blue zone circle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game
  • Adjust specifically items for that area like location, display, and more
  • Toggle settings for the red field
  • Care package frequency
  • Flare gun
  • Observer and killer spectating

Esports Mode – Spawn Settings

Esports Mode - Spawn Settings

  • Arrange the object spawn rate in PUBG game and the total spawn amount
  • Specific changes for ammunition, weapons, attachments, consumables, gear
  • Vehicles spawn

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