Console Update 4.2 – PUBG PC Patch Notes

Visit Console Update 4.2, a new PUBG Console Update, and hop into the PTS Patch Notes for free! Do not forget to follow the big announcement from the developer’s segment on “Inside Xbox” from August 19.

They eventually start Season 4 on the console. They expect everybody is interested in checking Cross Network Play in October, too.

Details of PUBG Console Update 4.2

Here is the complete information about PUBG Console Patch Notes.

Erangel Visual Update

There is a significant change for major landmarks, the graphical quality of Erangel’s areas with terrains on the playfield. Here are the images of locations which have received improvements.

Military Base

Military Base

Mylta Power

Mylta Power







Modified terrain

Modified terrain
  • Modernized the current terrain, signage, houses, added some buildings – They will show more about Erangel’s history
  • Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks are thrown into Erangel.
Erangel’s history
  • Have barricades along the beach of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel
Barricades Along The Beach

Added the overcast weather

Added The Overcast Weather
  • It is a type that will be altered dynamically once the match begins, from overcast to windy, hail, light rain, or heavy rain and fog.

Destructible items

Destructible items
  • They include pylons and barriers. They can be smashed by vehicles, weapons, and throwables. They cannot cover you effectively.

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

With PUBG Console settings, you can try out Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH. It exposes the past & the present of Erangel through skins with objects from the island’s broad history. Finish missions, level up the pass and you will obtain over 100 prizes. Especially, you can join PUBG online with a team. To compensate for the decreased pass period, the developer boosted the amount XP from the gameplay with quests by 50%. The upgraded mission change system will be helpful to spend BP and switch more tasks.

Survivor Pass Schedule:

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH of PUBG web game prolongs for 8 weeks. It is launched on August 27th after the live maintenance and it will stop on October 22nd 2 am PDT /11 am CEST.

Premium Pass and Level-up Stuff

  • The Survivor Pass and Level-up Items in PUBG Console Update today are valid to buy until October 21 1 am PDT / 10 am CEST.
  • Level-up tools can be bought in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts. They are taken from the store.

Another Cooperative Mission System

Another Cooperative Mission System
  • The Cooperative Mission mechanism of Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH in PUBG for PC is useful to work together with teammates. Open the mission tab and you can follow the progress! There will be 5 stages.

Polished Mission Change System

  • It is simple to swap out up to 3 daily missions per day without charge. BP is effectual to do that for additional daily with weekly ones. Win, increase BP, and unlock the other set!

Enhanced XP Reward

  • The XP collected will be raised, as mentioned above.
Enhanced XP Reward

General Mission Explanation

  • Set again Daily Missions at 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST, Weekly Missions at 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST every Tuesday
  • Premium, Season, and Challenge Missions will be accessible within PUBG Console Season 4.
  • Tasks on the PTS will restart every day at 19:00 PDT / 04:00 CEST.
  • Premium Missions: They are extra ones for people who added the Survivor Pass to their cart.
  • Season Missions: They are in PUBG SEASON 4, comprising 5 mission packs (2 for free / 3 for pass holders) and new rewards.

Survival Title System Season 4 (Preseason)

Season 4 Preseason in PUBG play free now will last for 1 month. The obtained SP will be moved when Season 4 is kicked off. Do not forget to figure out the best PUBG Console tips!

Season 4 Preseason will start after the live update maintenance ends on August 27th. It will be finished in early October.

Survival Point

  • SP will be gathered in Season 4 Preseason.


  • Career stats in Season 4 Preseason will be carried out again when Season 4 really runs.
  • SP climbs up considerably in Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi.

PUBG Gameplay

For Season 4 in PUBG Console League, armament and means are balanced one more time.

Weapon & Item

  • Bumped up the base damage of Kar98k, S12K, Sawed-off, S686, S1897
  • Improved the effective damage over distance for SMGs
  • Added damage multipliers to SMGs, ex.:
  • Torso 1.05, Limb 1.3
  • Did the same to Crossbow:
  • Torso 1.4, Limb 1.2
  • Refined ADS zoom for default crossbow sight in PUBG the game by 3%
  • Reduced Laser sight attachment dispersion multiplier for pistols
  • Decreased the base damage of M24, Beryl M762, AKM and Groza, M416, G36, QBZ, SCAR-L, and AUG
  • Lowered the max bullet travel distance of shotguns
  • Edited Duckbill attachment
  • Adjusted Crossbow to get the trajectory of the bolt
  • Supplemented the top rail to Uzi


  • Made better handling of RWD
  • Tweaked the regular and three-seater motorbikes stabilization
  • Updated the max speed of Scooter
  • Significantly ameliorated handling of Buggy with its wheel durability
  • Amended the max speed of Buggy
  • Pulled up the HP of UAZ, Tukshai
  • Shortened HP of Mirado
  • Motorbikes in PUBG free download for PC will consume 50% more fuel
  • Lessened Dacia’s acceleration and boost multiplier rate, its max speed does not change
  • If driving Dacia or Mirado on sand, mud, grass, dirt, they will move slower.
  • On the rocky surface, the friction will drop by 10%.
  • Reworked Buggy and Mirado sounds, visual effect, aiming, the FPP camera view
  • Your cars can auto accelerate if you double-tap on RT(Xbox)/R2(PS4) key.
  • Receive another locking system for BRDM-2, Car Audio toggled by using Right key (D-Pad)

Healing and Boosts

  • They can work while moving in PUBG PC.
  • Hit the use X (Xbox)/Square (PS4) or run/jump keys to cancel healing/boosting
  • Bandages can be consumed constantly until you fully heal by 75% health, or bandages deplete
  • First Aid Kits will not be effectual for additional damage after the healing is triggered.
  • Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringes can stack.

Visual Effects

  • Remade the image of Molotov Cocktail, weapon and vehicle shaders, with Frag Grenade explosion and muzzle flash

Vehicle Engine

  • It is controlled with the Left key (D-Pad). It will switch off when driving. If it is off, strike RT (Xbox)/R2 (PS4) to accelerate or Left key (D-Pad) to operate it again.

Throwables friction

  • Tuned the friction force of throwables in PUBG Console Update
  • Stun and frag grenades
  • Reduced their friction force and increased the gap they can go after hitting the surface

Visibility of reticles against bright backgrounds

  • Visibility of sight and scope reticles against bright backgrounds like Vikendi snowfields is rearranged.

Erangel Blue Zone

  • The size of the safe zone in early phases shrinks.
  • The Blue Zone waiting time in early and mid-game phases is cut down.
  • The movement speed of the Blue Zone in mid and late phases is minimized.
  • The Blue Zone waiting time in the final phase is narrowed.

Added Turntable to Erangel

Added Turntable to Erangel
  • They are scattered across PUBG Erangel. Play on or off the music with X (Xbox)/Square (PS4). Its sound can reveal your position.

Another friendly Radio Message system is being developed.

  • Opt for between Radio Message and Quick Marker by toggling Settings – Gameplay – Radio Message option

Rate of Fire enhancements based on FPS

  • It gets better. The number of bullets released will stay the same even during cases of frame drops.


  • The world in PUBG Console Patch Notes is revised.
  • The volume of Vikendi’s ambient wind noise is toned down.


Plane map UI alters the size when you zoom in PUBG game download.

Weapon Mastery UI

  • Meliorated UI elements (icons and pieces of the layout in the Mastery tab)
  • The Last Match Report notification will not pop up if no Weapon Mastery XP is gained in the last match.
  • Time bonus values are refined.

Menu background and character rendering

  • Effects become stronger to be suitable for the lobby background.

In-game HUD

In-game HUD
  • Helmet and vest health with Backpack capacity in PUBG official website are more described.
  • Weapon firing mode is shown visually by icons.
  • Removed some HUD and UI elements while waiting for a match
  • Game version number, server identifier, and other info will be seen beneath the mini-map.

Emote UI

Emote UI
  • Wheel size is smaller. It is shifted to the right side of the screen.
  • Discarded screen blurring effect around the wheel UI.
  • Total emote wheel slots are 8.


  • PUBG Steam map loading speed is faster.
  • Improved hitching and stuttering
  • Optimized calculation of character movement outside the location to increase the performance
  • Reformed loading and rendering speed of buildings on Erangel (Live Server)

Custom Match (Xbox, Live Server)

  • Hosts can spectate custom matches

Skins & Items (Live Server)

Survivor Pass 4

  • Premium Pass
  • Level Up coupons
  • Survivor Pass 4 coupon shop items

PUBG – Aftermath Pack

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH
  • 5 Levels
  • Punk Destruction skin set (4 pieces)
  • Punk Spaulder Leather Jacket (Red)
  • Metallic Punk Jeans (Silver)
  • Collar Bone Jet Fighter – Helmet (Level 1)
  • Metallic Boots (Silver)
PUBG – Aftermath Pack

Supply Pack: Season 4

  • 1,600 G-coin
  • Cheerleasder Skin set (4 pieces)
  • Shako Cheerleader Hat
  • Cheerleader Sweater
  • Cheerleader Skirt
  • Cheerleader Sneakers
Supply Pack: Season 4

BP Shoes x 6

Rabbit Season Set

Added BattleStat weapon skin to PUBG game download

Added BattleStat weapon skin to PUBG game download

With a BattleStat weapon skin, the number of people eliminated will be recorded or performed on.

Keep Left (D-Pad) in-game to view kills done with that tool

The tag [BATTLESTAT] is in front of the item’s name, the number of kills gained with that skin is in the weapon skin page’s preview screen.

Kills will be noted when the original owner of the skin is applying it.

Familiar problems

  • With controller preset A and B, radio messages just work after double pressing R-Stick (XBOX)/R3 (PS4) (PTS).
  • It is solved after live maintenance on August 27th.

Bug Fixes

It is the long list of bugs which have been resolved in PUBG Console Update. They are related to:

  • Charms made the game crashed (Live Server)
  • Map boundary collision stopped the parachute from opening
  • Smoke grenades floated
  • The teammate UI did not show rightly in Platoon Mode custom matches (Xbox)
  • Care Packages fell out of the playable region
  • Players took damage when exiting a vehicle in the water
  • The R1895 animation appeared on another weapon in FPP
  • The Extended Quickdraw mag could not enhance the reloading time for the Tommy Gun and Vector
  • PUBG vehicles damaged those who were behind walls
  • The reload animation was canceled while you could reload completely when other equipped gear was dropping
  • Sounds from other rivals could be heard when supervising and changing teammates
  • Characters entered the BRDM-2 at a higher without getting damaged
  • Skipping empty shells when reloading AWM with M24
  • The reloading sound from Scorpion and Deagle was louder other handguns
  • The graphics in houses of Vikendi
  • The wall collision was ignored in places in Hacienda del Patron on Miramar, in Paradise Resort on PUBG Sanhok
  • Players landing in parachutes for a short time immersed into the ground when the network environment was not strong
  • Footsteps would not be heard when moving backward against the corners of something
  • Throwables when the network was poor
  • Throwables could roll for a longer time on a slope
  • Aqua rail’s speed in reverse
  • A constant audible collision could be spotted when a vehicle was staying against the terrain
  • First aid kit, Adrenaline syringe, Energy drink could not be heard by spectators
  • Cars of PUBG game online could jitter and descend a slope while they parked on an angled surface
  • The weapon scope zoom was set after doing actions
  • Character animations were changed when operating an emote whilst influenced by a Molotov
  • The weapon dropping sound could be only found by the one releasing it
  • A faintly cross-shaped line
  • The BRDM-2 sank when firing a flare gun above water
  • The boost gauge could keep showing after the PUBG UI was switched off
  • A marker location was altered on the compass when you opened the map or inventory multiple times
  • The survivors’ names displayed wrongly when observing a person in a disconnected state
  • Raindrops moved through vehicle roofs
  • Footsteps can be sometimes detected from dead guys
  • Controller guide text was visible when spectating after dying in a squad match

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