PUBG Dev Update Map Selection focus on upgrading all PUBG maps and helping players choose their maps more easily. Let’s find out what the dev team thought about this!

Be sure to check out some crucial information on the forthcoming addresses for some critical issues on PUBG console version. Before you get into this, please take a big thank from the PUBG dev team for waiting for them to fix these ongoing issues. It’s true to say that players have not gotten any better gaming experience yet, which is why the dev team had to spend their time reading all of your feedback and making a decision on upgrading PUBG game for your better experience. They keep submitting bug reports as well as being more passionate to PUBG players.

New map updates in PUBG Console version

PUBG Update Map Selection from the development team is one of the most important PUBG Update news that you should not skip.


Throughout the early game looting, lots of players have undergone hitches and freezing. After receiving your feedback, the development team could figure out what it was and finally address this issue.

There was a hotfix released on April 25, 7 PM PDT / April 26, 4 AM CEST with the purpose of addressing this issue. Also, the dev team would like to send their big thank to all people who spent their time sending in reports, video, and feedback because this strongly helped the team look into this matter.


The dev team has spent their time concentrating on upgrading rendering as well as world loading. This topic has been mentioned several times in previous dev letters, however, this has become a complicated problem to handle because of the huge amounts of data needed for the map calculation.

Decreasing the data size of all maps is the current solution. The loading times will be decreased to a much quicker rate. Hopefully, this optimization will help upgrade the loading speed, generating fewer “playdough” architecture as well as more rendered buildings.

With the video below, you will explore the optimization improvements made by the dev team:

PUBG Rendering

These changes can be expected to be carried out as soon as possible because the dev team intends to release the optimizations to all live servers by in May. The dev team just wants to make sure that you are getting the best gaming experience possible regardless of any maps you are joining. This will be a high priority for the team now. These solutions are just regarded as the initial basic step in order to keep upgrading rendering and optimization.

Map Selection

Together with the release of Vikendi, the way players could choose PUBG maps was changed. However, the development team got a lot of community feedback on various channels saying that this alteration was not supported, welcomed or loved by most players. Therefore, the dev team wants to make this thing clear and let all of you know that they always hear you loud. Due to this, the team would like to talk over planned alterations for map selection.

There are plenty of discrepant ways to play (4 maps, 2 perspectives and a lot of various regions). Therefore, the team has been focusing on balancing your wish jumping into a map on-demand with the need to reduce matchmaking times. Internally, the team has been investigating some ways to u[grade the map selection for both PC and console. Although there has not been any decision on the best long-term course of action yet, the dev team has made a decision on stepping forward with alterations for the console community after receiving your feedback and suggestions.

‘Featured Map’ selection system


  • Featured Map – Currently Vikendi
  • Standard – Currently Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok
  • Quick Match


  • Featured Map – Alters periodically between Sanhok and Erangel
  • Standard – Remaining maps
  • Quick Match

Sanhok will become the initial featured map in PUBG game. Make sure that you pay attention to Erangel that is going to be launched when the upcoming loot balance changes for consoles are introduced.

This brand new Featured Map system is currently accessible with the hotfix released on April 25, 7 PM PDT / April 26, 4 AM CEST. The dev team does learn that these items have been waiting for a long time to come, but they do hope that it will upgrade all overall play experience of players. Thanks to you, PUBG game keeps developing!

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