PUBG 16.2 update gives you new tools that can change your strategy. It includes a tactical backpack with more space and a telescope for better visibility.

PUBG 16.2 update is officially available for you to test now. It has many changes compared to the old versions, promising to give you the inspiration to join the game. However, keep an eye on these changes as they can affect your strategy.

The upcoming survival battles can be more interesting with the update of backpacks and some new equipment. But you need to understand their effects to make the right choice, creating advantages in real combat. To know what they are and how they work, you can join us now.

What does Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC 16.2 version have?

PUBG Mobile has just launched its latest version on the occasion of the game’s 4th anniversary. And with that, PUBG PC also officially launched version 16.2 with many important changes. Since its launch, fans have been excited to experience the latest updates and rave reviews.

PUBG 16.2 has important updates to renew your experience
PUBG 16.2 has important updates to renew your experience

Compared to the latest version of the mobile version, PUBG PC news has fewer changes. However, its changes will have a big impact on the gamer’s experience. Therefore, to keep abreast of new strategic trends, you should have a clear understanding of these changes. And that is:

A tactical backpack is a necessary addition in PUBG 16.2

Previously, PUBG only had level 1, level 2, and level 3 backpacks. They often annoy gamers because of limited space, causing them to have to replace old equipment to make room for new things added. However, with a tactical backpack, you can seem to have everything you need.

It has 4 slots that can hold most accessories like weapons, helmets, armor, and more. So gamers can freely pick up more items to use when needed without having to drop any items. However, when owning a tactical backpack, gamers need to pay attention to the following:

  • When the player holds a tactical backpack, the interactive interface will change compared to a regular backpack.
  • If the player reloads the weapon before putting it in the backpack, it will be full when you take it out.
  • A tactical backpack cannot hold another tactical backpack and you cannot keep it in Porter’s trunk.
  • This backpack can appear all over the map but the probability of appearing is not high.
  • It is available for many modes, including normal match, custom match, sandbox mode…

Telescope – A tool to change your strategy

This is a new tool that first appeared in PUBG Battlegrounds download. It is a rectangular, far-sighted glass that helps detect targets and mark enemies and drones. With this tool, you can be proactive in finding targets for a reasonable attack plan.

You will have new strategies with tools in PUBG update
You will have new strategies with tools in PUBG update

However, the telescope does not allow you to see the players behind the smoke of the Smoke Grenade. So you can also take advantage of this point against players who use telescopes. Just use smoke bombs to disappear from the enemy’s line of sight, then plan to hide and defend.

Just like tactical backpacks, telescopes appear all over the map and are available in a variety of modes, including ADS. How to use it is also relatively simple, just need to use it a few times so that you can access it right away. Its effect is undisputed, it is too great to observe the map from a distance.

So, PUBG 16.2 update promises many interesting things waiting for you and your teammates. Everything else remains the same as the old version, so you don’t need to go through any tutorials to play the game. Start your battle for survival on PC and test new tools now!

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