PUBG 13.1 patch notes is an PUBG update version on July 28. It is important for gamers as it has many changes that affect the game. You can find out here.

PUBG 13.1 patch notes have been officially released with a series of changes in the Sanhok map, Care Package, weapons, and ranking. In this article, we will introduce for you to discover them. PUBG Corp has received a lot of feedback from users about updating the game. Therefore, to meet the expectations of players, changes are necessary. But this change is based on old foundations. And you can download and install PUBG 13.1 patch notes as soon as you start the app on your PC.

PUBG 13.1 release date

After the initial hints about the arrival of PUBG 13.1 patch notes, it was officially available on July 28. This is good news for fans of the legendary FPS game developed by PUBG Corp. and published by Krafton. This patch notes has many significant changes aimed at providing a better experience for gamers. But some updates to the rankings also made the rankings more dramatic. It is a reasonable change to promote serious gaming spirit of every gamer.

PUBG 13.1 patch notes

Many changes in patch notes of PUBG 13.1
Many changes in patch notes of PUBG 13.1

The latest updates of PUBG season 13 include the following items:

Care Package in PUBG 13.1 patch notes

In the past, a standard Care Package was usually just enough for one person and there weren’t many other small things to collect. But now, more items have been provided to increase the benefits and competitiveness of the hunts. Specifically, Care Package will include a standard Care Package and 5-10 smaller Care Packages. Besides, the Multi-Drop Care Package will contain items such as ammo, throwables, healing items …

Taego’s secret room

This is where your strategy can change! You need the key to enter Taego’s secret room but everything inside will surprise you. It could be scopes, healing items, throwables, Self AED… and even a low value Care Package. What could be better than getting an inventory of such valuable items without having to go far, right? But you have to hurry because many people like them too.

New way of landing

The emergency landing mode will change your experience from the very first moment. The emergency aircraft will fly at a faster speed than the standard aircraft. So, you need to estimate the right time to land safely and compete. If you jump off early, you’ll start at the top of the map. If you jump down late, you may land at an area at the bottom of the map. But pay attention, don’t miss your flight, because you will lose 50% HP.

PUBG new updates on Sanhok map

A few minor changes to the Sanhok map
A few minor changes to the Sanhok map

The changes to the Sanhok map are made based on the old terrain. You will see that it has better coverage density when there are more trees. Besides, the northwest island area has become a strategic area as it has more obstacles to hide and raid. Whereas before, it was just an empty river.

In addition, fans have also talked a lot about the worthless wooden houses around the shrine. So this time, PUBG 13.1 patch notes will replace them as houses with low to high value items. Thus, in the process of climbing the temple, you can loot more items to prepare for the dramatic raid. They can change the player’s strategy.

Rating changes in PUBG 13.1 patch notes

Previously, you could maintain at least 3000 RP for diamond rating, regardless of whether you played it consistently and often. However, now in ranked mode, if you don’t play it for 7 days in a row, you will get RP decreasing day by day. The descent won’t end until you’ve dropped from diamond and down to platinum. The purpose of this is to help PUBG gamers put more emphasis on maintaining their achievements. It also aims to ensure fairness among gamers and increase the importance of ranking rewards.

Weapon balance

Different weapons will come in handy for different situations. But some current firearms don’t meet the best requirements for use in specific situations, like long-range shooting. Therefore, PUBG 13.1 update has made a few changes, applied to the Kar98k, M24 and Mosin-Nagant guns.

  • Increased firing speed from 20 to 25 m/s
  • Increased damage when shooting at a distance from 0.9 to 0.95.
  • Reduced gun drag.

Besides, some guns such as QBZ and G36C are also slightly reduced recoil compared to the original.

So, those are some of the latest updates in PUBG 13.1 full patch notes. You can know more by regularly visiting our website.

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