PUBG 10.2 Patch Update is released. This will be a very different season, so stay tuned, find out more information, build a smart strategy and win prizes!

PUBG 10.2 patch update with new changes is revolving around PGI.S 2021, Coupe RB cars and the system on the test server. So what are the highlights of his new PUBG season 10? Let’s check it out right now!

PUBG 10.2 Patch update
PUBG 10.2 Patch update

What are the new features of PUBG 10.2 Patch update?

Have you prepared yourself for a new PGI.S event? The PUBG Global Invitational.S which forms a team with players around the world is fighting each other in a tournament spanning weeks. All the teams will battle for rankings, try to survive as long as possible in weekly tournaments and receive prize money as the overall tournament progresses.

You can play while keeping an eye on it all through the new in-game live streaming screens! Screens will be set up at various places across Erangel and Miramar, showing live PGI action in your own match. And guess what, the new Pick’em Challenge is back, giving you the chance to gain exciting PGI.S gear while predicting the winner in the overall tournament. This will be an extremely different tournament, so stay tuned, choose your own potential candidates and win prizes!

Livestream screens are constructed everywhere!

PUBG Global Invitational on 10 screen
PUBG Global Invitational on 10 screen

They have installed ten digital screens on Erangel and Miramar, to display LIVE esports events in PUBG update. And for players who don’t know, PGI.S will be the first event to be streamed live on these screens as matches are ongoing as well as in the lobby.

When the live stream is offline, the display will show the trailer introducing PGI.S and you can always choose to disable the live stream feature under Options -> How to play -> Functions.

Updating PGI.S Lobby

Not only the developers add attractive BGM, but also update the PGI.S theme in the PGI.S Lobby for the regular match. The Livestream screens in the lobby also have a function just like the ones which were added to the BattleGround before. The screen will show the LIVE playback of PGI.S.

Other updates related to PGI.S in PUBG 10.2 Patch Update

Graffiti of the PGI.S logo has been drawn around the buildings in Erangel and Miramar. PGI.S promo banners will appear behind the tail of the plane starting on the maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Karakin.

Game developers also add PGI.S loading screen splash art.

New vehicle: Coupe RB

Coupe RB is a fast vehicle in PUBG
Coupe RB is a fast vehicle in PUBG

A brand new roadrunner has just appeared in town. It’s the Coupe RB, a classic sports car with a top speed which can reach to 150 km/h, is second only to speed on land after the Motorbikes. The Coupe RB won’t carry your entire squad, but it will get you to your destination as quickly as possible. Let’s try out the Coupe RB in Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok!

  • Maximum capacity: 2 people including 1 Driver and 1 passenger.
  • Maximum speed: 150km/h
  • Appears only in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok Maps

New feature in PUBG 10.2 Patch Update: Reputation System

New reputation system in latest PUBG Update
New reputation system in latest PUBG Update

PUBG can produce a high level of excitement, but that cannot justify inappropriate behavior. To help you both have fun and behave more civilized, update 10.2 will have a new Reputation System in PUBG.

The Reputation Level is from 0-5. It depends on how you treat your team and your fellow players. The better you behave, the higher level you get. Your Reputation level will be displayed in Team Finder, helping players who are searching for your team know your teamwork style. Your Reputation level will gradually increase as you play, as long as you don’t show inappropriate and toxic behavior or disruptive behavior. Hopefully, this feature will help every player have a more entertaining time on the BattleGround!

The new Reputation level will be shown in the Team finder and next to the player’s IGN. It indicates whether a player behaves nice or badly towards others. The Reputation Levels start from 0 to 5, and there are 6 levels in total. The below actions will affect Reputation Level, so you better watch out!

  • Player Reputation level will gradually increase with normal play in Normal / Ranked BattleRoyal matches.
  • Repeatedly leaving the match can lead to a drop in reputation level.
  • Reported negative behaviors (interfering with gameplay, offensive language, killing teammates, etc.) can lead to a drop in reputation level.
  • Being reported on suspicion of using a cheating tool does not affect reputation level. However, if you are really banned, your reputation level will take a dropout.

Ranked mode update

PUBG ranked mode is updated in the latest version
PUBG ranked mode is updated in the latest version

PUBG is updating Ranked Mode penalties to allow players to know clearly about a certain amount of safe time if the player’s team has not yet formed enough members. Below you can see all the details around the system and how it works.

Players who leave a match within 5 minutes of take-off and are still alive will be exempt from the match if they:

  • Choose option matchmaking to find your teammates
  • The plane takes off with a little team (teams with less than 4 players in Ranked squad mode)
  • A team member of the players premade has not left the match before departure.

If a player meets the conditions for the penalty waiver by leaving the match, the match will be deemed to be competitively valid against that player.

  • The player’s stats will not be recorded on the Career page.
  • The Player’s RP match stats remain unchanged.
  • Matchmaking penalties are not applied.
  • Players will be awarded the XP and BP of the Pass they have earned as usual.

How to build a smart strategy for PUBG 10.2 Patch Update

As of update 10.2, you can trigger random stunts while flying in midair on Dirt Bike to create a truly dramatic style against your enemies. There are 6 new stunts in total. On top of that, it’s incredibly easy to perform. Just press and hold the left mouse button while flying on Dirt Bike and watch your cool performance.

Added new Stunt Emotes

Create brilliant stunt to make fun of your enemies
Create brilliant stunt to make fun of your enemies

6 new stunts emotes that can be used in PUBG 10.2:

You can only activate Air Jump expressions on a Dirt Bike – and when the player isn’t about to collide with something.

Hold down the Left Mouse Button to activate random stunts.

Release the left mouse button to stop the stunts emotes.

Other changes in PUBG 10.2 Patch Update

Adjusted the reload animation of M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C to better suit the reload speed.

These reload animation adjustments are a sequel to the Balance tweaks for the 556 Guns in November’s 9.2 updates.

Moreover, Haven’s playable mode has been changed a little. It switched from Duo/ 1 man Duo to Squad/ 1 man Squad.

QoL improvements that has been made

Alarm system

There will have notifications added
There will have notifications added
  • Click the notification center icon in the upper right corner to view the stacked notifications.
  • There is a notification when you collect an item or money from an out-of-game event, etc.
  • A message will be displayed in the notification center in the event that an item or money is about to expire.

Store QoL updates

  • Open the crates as soon as you purchase: Players can now open purchased chests (Sets, crates, random rate items) right in the “Complete transaction” pop-up screen.
  • The developer has added a new ‘Move to shop’ button while browsing empty items in the customize tab.

Quality improvements in Lobby Chat System

PUBG has an issue that when using input in certain languages in the Chat system and in the Hall, the chat system will be minimized and unavailable.

Moreover, PUBG has added new messages aimed at guiding players to change the display settings to Windowed or Borderless mode to use the IME system.

For more PUBG download guidelines and PUBG latest news, you can find out more information on our website!

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